Infernal Three-headed 4 cost Guardian: A Cerberus Battle Challenge and Giveaway Winner Reveal

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cerberus challenge.png

First Impressions

Cerberus being a 4 cost card packs a punch and it able to shrug off small damage easily. At higher levels it gets retaliate making it a great melee in any position depending on the battle modifier. In a normal situation Cerberus makes a good low cost front line option for 4 mana. With 3 speed it also is rather quick compared to other similar frontlines at cost 4 for other splinters.

Positioning and Strategy

Cerberus does best towards the front of any line up, at higher levels it can be a sponge for light melee attacks and retaliate and regenerate. As this role Cerberus works well in any position. My personal use is usually as a low cost front liner for lighter lineups, while without very much max hp at lvl one Cerberus can be very survivable in the right situations. In the case of my battle here
you can see that I used Cerberus as a line of defense and offensive attacker taking advantage of the battle modifier and putting him in the back line.

cerb battle 2.png

While Magnor absorbed as much equal opportunity damage as possible. The other monsters were able to whittle down the enemy defense rather quickly. Magnor survives long enough to land a blow despite getting pummeled.

battle 2.png
After superior speed and damage whittle down the enemy lineup's remaining summons. Cerberus is a very worthy 4 cost, sporting 3 damage and 2 speed in this particular battle (due to Malfurion as summoner) he was able to cause much havoc in merely a few rounds alongside heavier units to shield him. Additionally, because of the equal opportunity modifier Cerberus was able to be used to tank blows after serpentine soldier. Potentially surviving what might be low per round damage at that phase.

battle 4.png

Takeaway, Conclusion, and Wrapup

Overall Cerberus contributes a bit of value to the fire splinter, while unable to survive too much burst damage at lvl 1 with 5 hp 3 speed and 2 melee damage it certainly is quick and packs a punch. And with regenerate, can be a rather stable tank for only 4 mana. BONUS: oduncu won last week's RISE OF THE WAX GOLEM GIVEAWAY Click the link to check it out.

Stay tuned for more content, giveaways, battles, art, and more!

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Great job on this article. I really like the play-by-play format. Upvoted and followed.

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It is a great lineup there. I would have not done better.
Thank you for sharing your battle.

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Thanks for sharing! - @marianaemilia

Interesting idea to put him in last position, as he heals he can survive some sneak attacks, and when he evolves he will still have Ratliate. Congrats.