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Silvershield's Primal Judgement

The grasslands were silent in the night aside from the the bellowing snores of the great Rexes that were lying amidst the grass close to a nearby group of minotaur yurts, huts, and long houses. All silent aside from padded footsteps and clinking glass and metal, the tell tale pale light of life magic faintly lit the distant blades of grass ever so faintly as a small group of figures clad in white approached. A small platoon of Silvershield approached.
"Quiet down herbalist, your tinctures are making a racquet" said the Silvershield assassin bounding silently alongside and herbalist encumbered with many beakers and satchels. Meanwhile a small regiment of soldiers, archers, and weak mages carried a mysterious cart behind them wrapped in an enormous canvas cloth. Once they got within 100 meters of one of the Rexes in peaceful slumber the herbalist started muttering to himself and rummaging through his pockets, bags, beakers, and vials.
"Quickly now, you know High Priest Darius doesn't like waiting when he wants something, especially something he doesn't know intimately about yet" said the assassin as he checked and double checked the surroundings in case their presence had attracted the attention of the nearby minotaur camp. Nothing. The herbalist proceeded to grind mash and mix various herbs and liquids together, some would fizz and sizzle and others would produce small light vibrant color or terrible odor. After several minutes the herbalist had produced two vials.
"Now to administer it, place it within one of it's nostrils. It should act as a tranquilizer but we wont have much ti-" before the herbalist could even finish the assassin was already weaving through the tall grass approaching the beast. With a quick tug the top came off and with a deft throw in landed inside of the creature's nostril.
"Now" whispered the assassin as he gestured the rest of his regiment to come forward. The cart moved quickly to the dinosaur and the soldiers pulled off the canvas to reveal a large ornately runed magical armor. They then proceeded to place the fixtures on the beast while it was in it's temporary hibernation. Upon completion the herbalist drew the second vial from his breast pocket.
The regiment fled to safe distance as the herbalist loaded his trusty quiver and fired into the animals right nostril.
"There now we should be able to take the beast to Darius" before even a moment had passed the
the beast woke and it was rather irritated. Looking around to see what has put these heavy armor segments upon it, only to see the minotaur village... It stampeded in that direction. The regiment looked on as the herbalist took notes.
"What does that tonic do exactly herbalist?" asked a soldier as the Rex roared and charged towards the village as they could hear the minotaurs horns sound as various gruff voices barking orders was heard among shield beating.
"It was supposed to pacify the beast, but instead it seemed to enter a completely malicious rage without target or direction. Not what was expected but equally effective for use against our enemies" said the herbalist as he and a few of the mages scrawled more notes.
"Yes, but I will still let you be the one to tell him" said the assassin.
After they all watched in silence as the weapons of the minotaurs deflected off of the magically runed armor as the cries of the minotaur and crunching of bone echoed out across the vast plains. And then as quickly as they came they vanished back into the seemingly endless grasslands. Drawn with pencil, ink, and marker this is a concept doodle for the Plated Rex. An attempting to be lore friendly card idea. If you aren't playing Splinterlands click here

Stacks and Stacks of Packs on Packs Opening: Including WAX NFT Giveaway

Today I will be opening 2 Untamed Packs and 2 WAX packs, and giving one lucky person who leaves a comment and likes this post 5 auction points to use towards bidding for your favorite Splinterlands WAX NFT. Information on how to use WAX in Splinterlands (plus how to get, use, and claim these WAX packs) is included in a previous giveaway post here. And now the grand opening drumroll

Untamed Pack Opening

untamed pack opening.png
As advertised when opening packs I got one rare in each. I'm happy to get Wizard of Eastwood as he is a relatively good counter summoner for the Earth splinter. Overall not the best pack opening in the world, but not the worst.

Wax Pack Opening

wax pack.png

wax opening 2.png

These cards are collectibles moreso than playable cards in splinterlands, however they are worth WAX and officially endorsed by Splinterlands, again you can check all that info and relative links in a previous post located here.


The winner will be chosen from those who comment their wax adress AND like this post. Feel Free to comment whatever else you would like aswell, the winner will be announced in another post roughly a week from now. Don't forget to follow. Keep Summoning and See You in the #Splinterlands Not already playing this delightful NFT trading card game? Click the link below

Awesome job @cryptoniusrex ... thank you for mentioning the set and I'm glad you like the project! 😊


Hi, I love your art and lore and this set of NFTs is really fun for us Splinterlanders. I'm hopping over to wax now and having a look at your stuff. My wax id is 4dray.wam
Maybe some day this will be an official card because I do love the thought!

Thanks so much I'm glad you lie the drawing and lore tidbit, I hope it becomes a card too maybe. The WAX NFTs was created by someone else, I'm just promoting awareness. Welcome to the giveaway.

They're really beautiful cards!

I like their look too. I think they are well made.

Congragulations! You Won the Plated Rex giveaway!

Hi cryptoniusrex,

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WAX Account Name: 1bvum.wam
hoping to win newbie here!
splinterlands gooooooooooooooooo!


Very nicely written :3
GBOS2.WAM is my wax address. Hoping for a win :3

Thanks so much, cross your fingers. RNG could have it be you

I would like to join the giveaway :)
Wax account name: nrqr4.wam

Make sure to like the post. Good luck!

my wax: n3gqw.wam

Great art and story :))

Wax wallet: .pjbw.wam

You're too kind.

Well, I'm still kinda new to the game, but it is fair to say that I am hooked. And I finally also got a wax address tqeb4.wam - yay!

Glad to see new players, hope you're enjoying it so far. Good luck in the giveaway