RISE OF THE WAX GOLEM: Art Submission Doodle, Tournaments, Splinterlands on WAX, WAX NFT giveaway, and WAX pack opening. More information below.

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Rise of the Wax Golem

"Hrmphhh, not everyone appreciates my academical efforts equally I suppose" Malfurion sighed at the top of his Spire looking down upon the smoldering wastes below.
"Look at those local villagers, all that fuss and all those pitchforks for merely a little climatic experimentation"
"You rained fire and ash upon them for 3 days, one could draw the conclusion that it might be for a little more than simple curiosity" shrilly replied his ever so "helpful" spark pixie.
However, this only warranted an eyeroll from Malfurion.
"Then I suppose we must look for a new abode, I'll leave something for them to deal with while we pack our arcane trinkets and scrolls. We'll have plenty of time."
Malfurion started incanting at the top of his spire, his many thousands upon thousands of candles that ornately lined the corridors and rooms began to flicker. The villagers approached the gates of Malfurion's Spire, gradually tearing apart the ashen door panels. The incanting stopped and the candles went out giving way to darkness.
A large low gurgling could be heard within the darkness of Malfurion's tower, not a candle could be seen to light the way as the villagers cautious entered the foreboding spire. Suddenly a large off-yellow mass grabbed the first villager while the others peered down the hallway and into the darkness. Screams silenced by a loud churning sound. Malfurion and his assistants certainly had plenty of time....

dis - Copy.jpg

Behold my quick little doodle. I'm not the best artist, but what the heck? Drawn with crayon (to fully embrace the wax, wax, wax, of this post), marker, and light pencil. I wanted to add a golem to the fire splinter (curiously the only splinter without a golem).

Wax Off, Wax On

Splinterlands, as many of you no doubt know, is on the hive blockchain as a CTCG, but did you know that Splinterlands is also on the WAX? As you can see in the following informational post here , WAX exclusive collectable non-playable cards are available on the WAX blockchain. Each cards is available only through (as of now) this brief Splinterlands endorsed NFT giveaway tournament series. WAX is one of the currency chains that can be used to purchase credits through the store.

How to use my WAX currency in Splinterlands?

So let's say over the course of buying and selling collectibles via the wax marketplace or atomichub I have some WAX I would like to spend. How do I go about using it in Splinterlands? Well, thankfully it's not all to complicated. Under payment options select crypto, then select WAX and then pick which wallet you want to use (that contains your WAX). Wax Cloud Wallet being one of the easiest to set up, but whichever one you've been using for your transactions on the marketplaces in which you've been selling your items will do. Then click sign and wait for your transaction.

Auctions, WAX NFT Collectable Card Giveaway, and Pack Opening. Oh my!


open nefty.png
Finally, the moment many of you have been waiting for... Splinterlands WAX Card giveaway and pack opening. The WAX NFT that will be given away is 5 auction points to use towards whichever card you fancy. To be eligible for the giveaway like this post, and comment your wax address below. Feel free to comment whatever else you might want to comment also. Below are the images of me opening a pack I won from a recent giveaway tournament (more info here) I didn't get any rare or legendary wax nfts, but those are the breaks. Giveaway winner will be announced in next blog post approximately a week after this post (or sooner). The points given away here and found in packs are used to bid in auctions for various WAX Splinterlands NFTs, to bid or get more info on bidding join the discord for WAX Splinterlands auctions here in # nft-spring-training room. If players need to redeem points from this giveaway or packs, then all they have to do is message Dave on discord davemccoy#2479


oduncu. Congratulations to our winner chosen by random chance. Use your newfound auction points wisely.

Keep Summoning and See You in the Splinterlands Play Here

Post Script Note: If by the highly unlikely grace of the devs they add a wax golem to the game I would appreciate having a gold copy of the card (at least a ghost one) so I could use it in any tournament :D


very nice post @cryptoniusrex !!! I like that you are giving away a 5pt card that can be used in the auction. If your players need to redeem, then just have them message me on discord davemccoy#2479 and I will show them how!

Thanks for spreading the word and we have 4 more weeks left of these tourneys! I am glad to see you playing :)

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I received a pack just like that (it was not my first one. I have several similar cards in my WAX account. My WAX address is apuay.wam.

BTW - I think a Wax Golem would be a great addition to Splinterlands.
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Thank you. And thanks for the luv. Like the post and welcome to the giveaway.


Congratulations giveaway winner

Nice post! i would like to join the give away @ nrqr4.wam

@cryptoniusrex, you were given LUV from @moonthumb. Info: https://peakd.com/@luvshares or check wallet: https://hive-engine.com

nice giveaway ! thanks for helping the community.

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very cool stuff


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