Win 250 DEC and see who Won last giveaway now only on Hive

in Splinterlands3 months ago


I will now be giving away 250 DEC now only on Hive. A bully on steem is downvoting all my stuff so I am leaving. My Powerdown is half over. Time to see who won the last post? Sorry Late computer had a psu fail.

The Winner is...

2021-05-05 20_59_00-Wheel of Names _ Random name picker.png

@kidsisters congrats enjoy the DEC

2021-05-05 20_59_47-Window.png

To enter just tell me you would like to win. Or anything about the game or your account.

This time you can win.

250 DEC

Include your username for the game if it is different from your account.


Would love to win.



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@tipu curate

I'd like to win

I want to win some DEC!

Some dec is always nice :D


I wanna win! :)

I would like to win!

Need some dec's brr. @olpedrion , have a nice day!

I would like to win @leonardohwang

Thank you so much the DEC.

Congratulations to the Winner, I would like to participate and see if I have any luck, greetings and good luck to all

I would like to win :)