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RE: 2 Years Later...I Finally Understand The Excitement!

in Splinterlands11 months ago

Lol, you could have had such an advantage over guys like @ph1102. But he, you were building a business and he sort of lives on hive, so you’re excused. Now just have fun and share your progress.

I would love playing this game..., a bit too much I’m afraid. So I won’t. Been addicted to hearthstone before and I would love a similar game that actually makes me money, but I shouldn’t if I want to continue making the right choices. I’m married and about to become a father really soon, so I need to have my priorities in order.

But I know for sure that some people will absolutely love to hear you talk about this game. There are far too many good players already, who very often aren’t fun to watch.

But people love watching someone who has enthusiasm, laughs a lot and just simply has fun.


That's what got me focused on building businesses and looking for ways to make money online....Becoming a father...Three times over now ;)

Gotta have fun or else what's the point of doing all this :)