Chronicles of a NoLifer - Splinterlands on Google Apps!!

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Hello SplinterPeeps!

Splinterlands on #TeamAndroid!!!

Now I really don't have excuses to play a bit more lol

The phone app runs with the wind, pretty simple to use, and with all the things you need!

And more portable! lol

Been slacking at playing but I did make a few battles during the day and fortunately for the video I got a win! More of luck but yay!

On the video, I make a quick walkthrough and a couple of battles!

Sorry again about the noise at some point with the game sound on! I turned off a bit after!


Open the chest below and come play with us!!


May the Force of the Fireball be with YOU!

ctpbp halfanniversarry.jpg


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Haha. I am serious no lifer here.
Just battle and earning DEC.

My only excuse is lack of time lol but this splinterlands on the go might help a bit 😁
Thank you for your comment!

Sounds fun! Easy battles on the go.

It's pretty slick! now it's like having an extra monitor screen where I can play while doing other things instead of jumping tabs lol