My Splinterlands Addiction - End of the Season Unchesting #2 - MOAR CARDS PLS!

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SPL unchesting 1.jpg

Hello Splinterpeeps!

It's been a while...forgive me!

Offline and online job got in the way ahaha

And was a bit sad to go back to Bronze with the new changes, but it's ok!

Let's embrace this!

Enjoy the unchesting!

And good luck to this new season :)

Open the chest below to come play with us!!


May the Force of the Fireball be with YOU!


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Thank you 😁

you're welcome thanks for sharing what you win.

Look forward to meeting you in the arena :)
Game on!
Nice video
Keep playing.

Thank you and good luck for the new season :)

Thank you
Have an amazing season!

You have some nice loot chests there! ~@clove71 Make sure to add your affiliate link to your post! Your link is:

Oh yeah forgot about it lol
Too much unchesting excitement! I shall edit it!
I won't forget next time :)


My season finale was better than the last one, I received 2 packs and several cards, 1 dragon steal that allowed me to take it to level 2

Wow that was a very cool loot! yay!
Thanks for sharing and good luck for the next season :)

Great to see you back in Splinterlands! An upvote is on the way!

I was always around just playing a little less :) it's an addiction after all ahaha
Thank you so much!

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