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Hey folks 😁 Graham here.


Welcome to another Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge. Here is the original post if you want to enter a battle yourselves.


The Flame Naga of the Burning Lands are tough. Not only are they extremely intelligent and skilled in every known weapon, but they have recently been taught magic by order of the Flaming Robe.

Edition: REWARD
Rarity: RARE
Element: FIRE
ABILITIES: Shield at level 1 + Thorns at level 5

This is a great card from the Fire Splinter which has great magic attack and decent health stats.

This monster also has the shield ability at level 1 which means less damage from melee and ranged attacks and it also has the Thorns ability at level 5 which means when hit with a melee attack, damage is returned to the attacker.

Naga Fire Wizard_lv4.png

This is another new monster for me so I decided to buy 11 cards so I could begin at level 4. I will get it up to level 5 as soon as I can to gain the Thorns ability. Only problem is my fire summoner is only level 1 so I will need to level him up also.

I also love the artwork for this monster. The flaming hands are very cool! Now let's take a look at the Battle.

Battle Introduction

This was a fire vs fire battle with 4 monsters against 6 and normal ruleset and 27 mana limit. This is actually the first battle I tried with this monster and it performed brilliantly.

Battle line up

In the first position I have my best tank the Goblin Mech. This is one of my favorite monsters and I have mine upgraded to level 3 giving me 4 hit points, 6 health and 7 armour

These stats make it very difficult to destroy and i have this at the front of most of my battles.

In the second position providing some much needed magic support we have the featured monster Naga Fire Wizard.

This monster should be able to handle a few hits as she has the shield ability which reduces the damage from melee and ranged attacks.

In third position with high level ranged attack we have the Pyromaniac.

With 3 hit points of ranged attack this monster is sure to make an impression on the enemy.

In the last position as always we have the Furious Chicken ready to sacrifice itself for the greater good.

This monster will take the hit with the first Sneak attack.

Battle Review


When I inspected my opponent's line up I was pretty confident of a win as all their cards were only level 1 where as I have 2 monsters at level 2 and my tank Goblin Mech is level three!

The battle begins with the same +1 speed spell being cast from both fire splinter summoners known as Pyre.

Pyromaniac then takes out the enemies Furious Chicken with the Sneak ability as expected.

My own Furious Chicken was then destroyed by the enemies Serpentine Spy Monster while the two Goblin Mech tanks spared with each other.

Naga Fire Wizard easily withstands a hit using the heal ability and takes no damage while causing 2 damage with a magic attack to the enemies tank monster the feared Goblin Mech.


At the beginning of the second round Pyromaniac easily kills the enemies Serpentine Spy monster with a 2 hit ranged attack.

Naga Fire Wizard easily takes another hit with no damage suffered due to the shield ability.

The enemies tank Goblin Mech has destroyed my own same monster but not too worry as Naga Fire Wizard steps up and destroys the enemies tank.! She then easily takes another hit from Goblin fireballer at the end of the round.


At the beginning of round 3 Pyromaniac easily kills the Goblin Fireballer monster.

Naga Fire Wizard resists a hit from Fire Elemental.

Pyromaniac takes -1 hit from Magma Troll but still has 4 health so no worries there.


This round begins with Pyromaniac taking out the Fire Elemental monster and Naga Fire Wizard delivers the killing blow to Magma Troll for an easy win.

This was an easy battle but very enjoyable nonetheless. I will definitely use the same strategy and line up again when fighting in the Fire Splinter.

Winning Battle

Peace, G.

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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Well done on the battlefield.
You had a very nice lineup there and I hope you became a fan of the Naga Fire Wizard.
Keep on battling.

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