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22 days ago I announced that I'll be reducing activity on Hive a lot (Goodbye for a week). One of the major reasons was disappointment in announced changes with @splinterlands game. I am talking about Collection Power and the league limits imposed by it, of course.

I haven't played a single match for 27 days.

Today I checked the situation, played 8 matches, finished quest, climbed a league up.

The matches were mostly against level 1 cards like this one.


My ability to climb up the leagues is limited by this.

306 K Power is enough for Diamond III league.

Before the change I was a regular in the Champion II league.

4 leagues higher

You won't convince me that this was due to wining against bots!

By the way. with some of the matches I won tonight the opponents' names were very suspicious. They smelled on bots!

OK, enough of whining.

Will anybody buy my entire collection of 237 cards?

Or will I have to sell them one by one?

Still ...

Better and better


Yeah I'm quitting as well. These new changes in the game make it shit.

Fucking bait and switch tactic. :/

Trying to sell my cards off too.. Not much of a market for people buying cards it seems.

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hello dear friend @ ervin-lemark good night
I am very sorry about what has happened in relation to the game changes
I hope that some investor will buy the complete package.
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid week

If you have been playing for so long and now after this long pause of 27 days, I think, maybe you could wait a bit longer to allow Splinterlands to complete that whole recent change by implementing new Leagues too.

If I could walk in your shoes, I would certainly consider that option before starting selling my cards. Think about it! You may always sell your cards, if the finalization of this whole change by implementing new leagues wouldn't meet and satisfy your criteria. Don't just go without testing the whole package! It's not easy to build such a collection as you have! 😊

Just my 2 cents!

Thanks for your opinion. I value it.

It might be difficult to sell the cards anyway. Besides the game itself this is supposed to be an investment too. Yet, there's not much to gain from the investment when there's nobody to buy your cards 😀

I hope there might be more players when EOS members discover it, but I don't see that they started some more serious promotion campaign there.
Otherwise, I entirely understand what are you talking about and I agree.

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