New league unlocked on Splinterlands

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As I said in my last post, the season has been a great season for me on Splinterlands. Just yesterday, I made a post of how I advanced to another Tier. I remembered I also said in that post that with the advancement at that time of the season, it is sure that I will make it to Silver League this season.

I also said for quite some seasons now, I have not make it past the Bronze league but with the way things are going this season, it is certain that I will get to the silver league.

I am happy to inform you all that I have now made it to the Silver league.


I just unlocked a new league and I am currently playing in the Silver league III. I am so glad for this achievement because it has been long I got to this league.

Unlocking this league means if I finished on Silver III, I will get a reward of 12 loot chests at the end of the season and I can even get more if I advanced to a higher league.

Hope to see you all on the battle ground

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