Unlocking a new league feels good

in Splinterlands2 months ago


Splinterlands is a game full of fun and with the fun comes with earnings and one can earn in so many ways from trading the cards to earns DEC token.

Another great feeling comes along with advancing from one tier to another Tier in a league but a greater feeling is when a new league is unlocked.

I just unlock a new league on the Splinterlands game and you all can sense how great I feel.

I advanced to the Silver league which means I'm entitled to 12 Loot Chests at the end of the season.

With more achievements will come more rewards. I hope more achievements will come in the course of the season.

Hope to see you all on the battle ground

Thanks for Dropping By !

Best regards


Congrats! It's an addictive game, and definitely, one that I enjoy grinding out to get daily rewards.

Thanks. We all enjoy the game