Daily battle!

in Splinterlands2 months ago (edited)

It is time again to start writing some posts about my adventure in splinterlands.

Today's quest: Sneak

The sneak's quest isn't a bad quest for me. I do like to play with the Water Summoner and within the Water collection there is one sneak card with magic (Coral Wrath). So I do hope to complete the quest pretty quickly. Probably within 10 battles.

Battles with high mana rules would make it easier. So, I will have to wait an see!

8 battles were needed to complete the quest. Not to bad.
Let's see what the rewards are. For the moment the season hasn't been very generous for me. Although I may not complain with already 2 Untamed Packs.




QuestCards ValueDECUntamed pack
Quest 1$0.0691 -> $0.66
Quest 2$0.02450No
Quest 3$0.18414No
Quest 4$031No
Quest 5$.11811No
Quest 6$0.129191 -> $0.21
Quest 7$0.05216No