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Tortisians aren't an agile race, but their diverse skills make up for whatever they need to oppose. They've accumulated a lot of knowledge over the ages thanks to relentless traveling. If there is something to be seen or a story to be heard, ask a tortoise. You will certainly get the answer you're looking for - or an even better one.

Although these seafarers are usually content in their lifestyle as jack of all trades but master of none, one odd shell ambitiously rose up against a culture so well driven within them. He wanted more than to just understand the world around him. He wanted to be all that he could become. His name was Bortus, and he took on them world, looking down on whoever never had the guts or the will to trail this path.


Although just as highly skilled in martial arts as any other of his kind, Bortus took upon him the art of magic as a step further into physical and mental fortitude. Spells and charm rituals involving a silent dance were the tools he used to conquer and tame. Would someone pass by during his training, an aggressive but frail bolt would quickly send them away as he laughed and taunted at whoever wasn't enough of a challenge.

No one else needed to be concerned by his life-long trials. It was his journey. But many years ago his fate had already been met. Bortus has been a feared summoner long before his arrival on the Splinterlands. If you stand against him, prepare yourself, for he shall not demean the worthy, specially in battle.


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i do like Bortus cool untamed summoner.