My gold and diamond league experience this season

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Leaderboard and DEC yield

Even though the results are not in yet for this season of the Splinterlands Crypto Game, I can say reaching top 30 was not hard, even though I do not have a maxed out Gold League deck. Making sure I can get at least a couple of top 30 placements every time from now on will probably be easy enough. But the reason for this might not be as obvious as it seems.

While playing the only account I'm working with that's on Diamond League, I can compare my win rates. Having that account reach Diamond seems to be making me lose too many times more than reasonable. This is because, despite having a lot of collection power, it only has a single maxed summoner. My plan in the next season is not advancing to Diamond until the very last day. Or maybe not at all, depending on how high on the leaderboard I will be.

Yes, this will make that account get a lot less lootboxes, but the higher DEC income should heighten the yield under much greater stability, specially if I can get one of those winning streaks. After all, the DEC gain from them is uncapped now.

I've also noticed how easy it is to quickly get some extra rating at the very end because of the bazillion bots playing non-stop at specific hours of the day. Enminer, rusbot, you name it. Sure, they might only give us 3 rating at a time at the most, but since almost no one is actually going to play on the first day of the season anyway, we might as well grab that rating for a few more steps on the leaderboard.


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Well said there.
And it's nice to know that you don't find it that hard to get into that position when I find it hard to get up to 30 even in the bronze league.
Keep on battling... good luck.