Splinterlands - Most interesting cards for Equalizer rule

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Equalizer ruler in Splinterlands

Equalizer matches are very intriguing. They make a variety of cards much more useful. Let's take a look at them. I'm going to skip over the more obvious cards such as standard healers and stunners.


Alpha / Beta edition cards

Grumpy Dwarf is great for low mana matches because it has enrage. You can couple him with Inspire monsters for maximum effect.

Frozen Soldier usually suffers due to his incredibly low health, but that's not something you need to worry about in Equalizer matches.

Water Elemental is frankly absurd. Its high speed allows him to dodge through nearly anything. But now he should also have enough HP to heal through everything, just to be sure.

Pit Ogre has one of the most necessary effects in long battles: stun! He has a fairly low mana cost, great for sub-15 mana battles.

Serpentine Soldier usually has a rough time holding up against magic. If you're using Beetle Queen who can heal him, though, he will make for an incredible frontliner thanks to his Dodge skill.

Enchanted Pixie is one of the best picks for last position because of both Inspire and Flying, because stealth attackers usually don't fly themselves. Sub-20 battles are perfect for her.

Cocatrice has never been so charming! She's just like Serpentine Soldier but without shield, which is just as good as flying in most scenarios.

Serpent of the Flame is an incredible HP enabler and an amazing frontliner. She is just as good as Pit Ogre for low mana matches.


Promo / Reward cards

Enchanted Defender is one hell of a card all of a sudden! It finally sees its potential unfold! Silvershield Archers and Imp Bowman aren't too far behind now either. Zalran Efreet isn't too shabby either.

Exploding Dwarf is the perfect card in many of the game mode combinations. It goes from just awkward to ultimate attacker.

Vampire's newfound health assures he is going to leech some life, so you do not have to worry about him dying before he can attack. One of the best cards in the last position thanks to his flying ability.


Untamed cards

Scale Doctor feeds you much needed health in low-mana matches when you're using the dragon splinter. On the other hand, Diamond Dragon is the perfect pick for 40+ mana.

Khmer Princess is probably the strongest card of all in Equalizer. I'm just saying.

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