This is what should happen if DEC moons for a long time

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What if the Splinterlands Crypto Game was TOO GOOD?

In this article, there are my thoughts of what's going to happen if DEC moons. You won't get anything extra out of @aggroed, since he has stated the dev team has no strategy or predictions as to what would happen if DEC's prices consistently stayed above the PEG in last week's AMA. He did imply a lot of cards would be burnt by players, starting with Rusty Androids, but he was mostly not really answering. I'd say his smile gave away how happy that situation would make him, but that's it.

But that's a good place to start: cards are going to get burnt. Specially reward cards that are too niche, like Warrior of Peace and Zalran Efreet. However, if that doesn't make DEC prices drop, more cards will be burnt, leading to a severe increase in scarcity and therefore market prices. Given how easily profitable Splinterlands would have become, many people could prefer getting more cards instead of selling out. It's a safe option in this scenario because cards from packs could also be sold.

Now the players' most optimal choice would be to continuously buy backs while card prices continue to mostly cost too much, effectively dropping market prices as scarcity is lessened. Stability around the peg would ensue until some random big time investor drops the game, causing prices to collapse a bit until they've reached the point they were about two months ago, only to being this cycle anew.

There is also one more thing to pay attention in this scenario: lead designer @yabapmatt would have to work extra hard to develop and push out new reward cards and even a new expansion to the world of Splinterlands, but I'm sure he would be very happy with that. He always seems very excited (although also anxious) to see how successful the game he developed has become. Keep up the good work, Matt!

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I've just started playing in Splinterlands, so I hope it doesn't moon too quickly. I still have a lot of cards I need to acquire!

I don't think card prices themselves will moon that easily, although they should get a bit more expensive if DEC stays above the peg for more than just a few days.

Exciting times lie ahead. Thanks for sharing.

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Intriguing, to say the least!

Splinterlands battle game is going to get more exciting when a third rule will be added to battle.
Cant wait to challenge others players on the board with the released updates.

Except for the early days, when only a few people have items and spells. They are so going to win every single tournament! I bet their production line is actually very lengthy.

Some of the ALPHA Cards are going to do Very Well When everyone catches on to how Scarce They Really Are...........

I could make a counter-point, but I have a feeling you'd rather I don't. :)
Regardless, alpha really do have a premium look to them. Collectors who play the game surely should get some.