Understanding Vera Salacia's use cases in Splinterlands

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Which waves does Vera ride?

When you look at Vera Salacia, you'd be wrong if you think to yourself: "I'm only going to use this Summoner in Earthquake battles." But you need to think further in order to win in the Splinterlands Blockchain Game!

Flying is also very good in melee-only and no-magic rule sets. It's just like Dodge. Monsters with Flying are a very good pick in these rules, not just earthquake, specially when combined with high speed cards. Fat, strong tanks like Sea Monster have a lot of problems when dealing with Flying or Dodge targets.

Specially in melee-only, the Retaliate ability is a very strong option because it works against opportunity and sneak attacks. Kraken is literally the best water monster for battles like this. But it is also easily countered by flying. When it triggers, Kraken and others are likely going to miss their target. What this means is you really want to use Vera if you are going to use Retaliate on your team.

There are a lot of new tanks focused on Flying, like Phantasm and Gloridax Soldier (which even has Shield). These are always very strong picks whenever magic is ruled out in a match, and so is Vera because of them.

Incredibly enough, Vera also fixes having to deal with some of the more overpowered monsters which you will lose against if you get just a little bit unlucky. I am talking about cards like Elemental Phoenix, Spirit of the Forest, Dark Ha'on and, most importantly, Gold Dragon and Dragon Jumper.

So besides melee-only and no-magic, there is also this weird niche. If your opponent is known to use expensive cards, Vera will be an option depending on your own team. She ends up being a must-have for tournaments if you can predict your opponents' teams well.


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This card is special because has to be used against dragon monsters, the best use for this summoner.

Dragon splinter is currently the strongest splinter. That makes her very special!