Watch a Splinterlands pro player on Twitch!

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Splinterlands livestreams on twitch

Champion 1 player focused on Untamed tournaments. Watch ranked and tournament matches, talk about strategies, card market, etc. Get tips and tricks to get more out of your current collection, no matter how new you are. Enter giveaways. Join my guild. Get card delegations.

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When am I starting? Right now. Going live in 5 minutes. I'm going to stream myself playing this Silvershield Tournament (silver rank) and then play ranked non-stop for 30m+ at felipejoys on twitch. Warning: heavy foreign accent.



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Really nice, Glad you are spreading Splinterlands to Twitch !!!

What's directly accent?

If you are asking where does my accent come from, it's a brazilian accent.

Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

The Title.
That's so cool.
I wish I could see the live stream.
Good luck with the next one.

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Very cool that you are doing this... I look forward to this format getting bigger and bigger and we need people to blaze the trail!!!