What I am going to do starting in the next Splinterlands season

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Like Herons, but daily

Time to adapt. I've been offering the "herons deal" to some players. But POWER is coming. While I still think most of the features in this collection score update are unnecessary, there are a few exciting features here and there like being able to lock in a specific rank and compete under that leaderboard.

Even though there is no automation helping me anymore, I can easily do the 50% split now that I've had enough practice doing it manually. This was something that was a good idea, but couldn't be applied in the past due to convoluted coding requirements, was just having free accounts available and let people play them for that daily's quest.

People can just ask me to play a few accounts for that specific day instead of an entire season. Having internet problems? Just don't ask for any accounts. Free weekend? Ask for as many accounts as you can handle. Get paid for that day's work. If you still want to play after you're done, just ask for some more accounts.

I am a pretty good player myself, so if any accounts are left unplayed, they certainly won't be sitting useless. This ensures every card is a profitable investment. Not to mention how I will understand if some accounts are particularly weak, so they can be quickly fixed. Yes, it's far from passive income. But it's still pretty good and I need it.

If you are interested in being a player, at least every now and then, come to my Discord. Talk to me in the herons-deal channel. https://discord.gg/XcPUUF


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And new UI of splinterland make this "manual" work easier for you because it track all the DEC earned by player in quest and battle.

It doesn't make it any easier, actually. What I use is unchanged.