Who is the sexiest female in splinterlands? + DEC giveaway

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Beauty is in the eyes of the (be)holder

There is close to no lack of beauty when it comes to @splinterlands' extraordinary characters, specially when it comes to female humanoids. They come in many colors and shapes, so I'm positive some of them are extra appealing to you.

Who are the top three sexy/beautiful female characters in your opinion? Also, on a more serious note, which female has the most character interesting design to you?

All the SPT women are included below. Browsing through might surprise you when their details are amplified. Uh, I didn't even know Dark Astronomer was a girl until I made this post.

I will award 200 DEC to a random lucky commentor just for participating! So reply with your thoughts in the comment section below.

By the way, my top three are Mimosa Nightshade, Spirit of the Forest and Silvershield Assassin. I think Silvershield Bard has the most overall interesting design of them all.


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I like the 10th, 17th and 23rd woman best :)

Fallen Angel, Mermaid Healer and the Centaur Something, then? But who has the overall best character design?

Dark Enchantress ,Angel Of Light and Bila, as for best design Mermaid Healer.

I think Mermaid Healer has a really funny design. Underwater pirate nurse!?