I just started with Splinterlands!

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Hellooooo everyone! At last, I'm here with you. After a long wait of @pinoy.viajero inviting me here and some of my fellow bloggers.


This looks like a TMG set up the first time I have laid eyes on Splinterlands. And that time it was on its early days just right after the launch. Even before they migrated to the #hive platform.

I'm totally addicted to The Magic Gathering (TMG). Played this game when I was on my teens and enjoyed a lot until I graduated college. So seeing this game similar to what I grown up with is really nostalgic for me.

Bought spellbook for $10 using my SBD.


I know a lot of my fellow Community members also play this amazing game.

I am just a novice so pardon me if you need to train me how to be a dragon like you guys.

See you all here! 😘😍

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Thank you so much 😍😊

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