Little big Tank combo - Curious battles 1#

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Little big Tank combo - Curious battles 1#


From Splinterlands and Unplash


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This time I bring you a quite interesting battle in which the position of "Tank" stood out quite a lot in a curious combo.


Lore from Splinterlands

We start with a face to face between two quite interesting tanks, one with the ability to focus the attacks on it and the other with the ability to reduce the damage received either from range or melee type, but not magic. It should be noted that "Onyx" at level one does not hurt unless there is some buff like "Mylor Crowling" that makes those who attack it hurt themselves. However, this is not the case.


In the second position "Silvershield Knight" which with its skill "Inspire" causes all allied monsters to have one more point of damage to melee, the skill "K.O" comes by the condition of the battle.


It's time to highlight the offensive tactics. With the "Silvershield Assessin" buffered +1 melee attack, we have a double attack (2+2=4) of damage per turn (considering that it doesn't miss).


Now the double defensive buff, +1 life by the summoner and a healer to extend the life of the tank, which with its ability "shield" makes that in some turns the damage received is the same to the healer so it falls into a mini loop that makes it difficult to knock down this "wall".


Finally the "slow rear" "Furious chicken" mini tank and the slug to further enhance the offensive with its damage (2+1) but with some failures because of its low speed.


Enemy alineation:


The enemy strategy was extremely defensive and perhaps that excess was his Achilles' heel, because although that of constantly recovering armor is great, it doesn't help much if the damage received constantly causes the battle of resistance to be lost.

My rival of this ocation was @magodelcaosnegro. If you want to see the replay click here.

Economic opinion:

The offensive part of this combo becomes more accessible "Inspire rider" 0.04$ (per unit), "Slug" for 0.02$ and "Assessin" 0.052$, however the defensive part: "Healer" 0.06$, "Onyx" 0.35$ and "furious chicken" for 0.04$, being the sentry the most expensive but also an excellent investment because in the long run it develops the following skills:

  • Void (lvl 3)

  • Thorns (lvl 5)

  • Return fire (lvl 6)

Making it a tank par excellence, useful on multiple occasions, however the $16.1 (Buying per unit) that it costs to take it to the maximum is not available to everyone, so renting is an option that should be remembered, even if it already sounds like a disk in loop for the times I've already done it. Be smart about investing!

Remembering that if we talk about maxing this card would not be the most expensive of the combo, but it would be the most useful in the long run because of the possibility of being used by all splinters.

The prices mentioned today (25/09/20), these can change over time depending on changes in the market.

If you want to join in the wonderful world of Splinterlands be my referal clicking here

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That's a great Battle Challenge post. I love the funny thumbnail.



Thanks you for your support! I was inspired in the resistence of the "Onyx" card hahaha

Great post!
I love this idea "Curious Battle".
Also, nice to remind everyone they can rent for quite nice prices while they earn enough to level up their own monsters.

Thanks you @carrieallen!