Splinterlands Weekly Share Your Battle Challenge with Opportunity Monsters

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Hello battlers,



What is there if there is no innovation in doing something? Yeah, that's true and Splinterlands always innovates something new with every day crosses by.

This time, the team has thought something different and instead of going for usual theme of selecting a monster for blogging for weekly challenge, they selected an ability!!!

So, here we go and see how the ability Opportunity works and how we can win battles using the monsters with that ability.


The usual meaning of an opportunity is enabling to do something and here in Spinterlands, an Opportunity monster is something special and breaks the rules to attack from any position or slot is what we call(among the 6 slots) and always attacks the monster with lowest health.

So, that makes these monsters with special ability something special.

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Battle and Lineup:



This time, I chose Yodin Zaku Summoner, which I have got for a month as a delegated one from @foggybottom and I am always thankful to him for that.

So, with Yodin Zaku and since this battle was a Super Sneak and Heavy Hitters battle, my lineup included the monsters accordingly.

Super Sneak, as we know, makes all the melee monsters as sneak monsters and attacks the last lined up monster.

Heavy Hitters is among the few newly introduced battle types and this makes stunned monster to receive double blow(meaning double amount of attack from all types of monsters).

So, based on this, I lined up my monsters as below:

1. Goblin Mech:


This is my front monster as I wanted some solid one at the front as I had plans to use Magnor at the back end for diverting all the magic and ranged ones which may target to attack front monster.

2. Pit Ogre:


I used this for it's Stun ability which is helpful for Heavy Hitters battle and it gives decent 3 melee attack as well.

3. Exploding Dwarf:


A Super Sneak battles always need this guy although he can perish very early by getting hit by thorns, but his decent melee attack is more than enough to push back couple of monsters.

4. Serpentine Spy:


The monster as part of this week's theme of Opportunity monsters. Although it has 1 health, I secured it's position with usage of Magnor in last position, so I have covered it to be available for more rounds.

5. Molten Ogre:


This giant monster besides giving that 3 melee attack, it also reduces the melee attack from other side with it's Demoralize ability.

6. Magnor:


Wow, look at that humongous monster and no doubt that he causes havoc and here he is used to divert the traffic to back side besides getting his main service of 4 melee attack.

That's one of the nicest lineups I have used in recent times.

Now, coming to opponent's monsters, he went with a Life Splinter with monsters Shieldbearer, Elven Defender, Goblin Mech, Clay Golem, Silvershield Knight and Silvershield Assasin.

That was a pretty nice lineup, infact, it had more consolidated attack, but the Yodin Zaku gave an edge for me over him with that blast* ability for all my monsters.

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Round 1:

Round 1 had as many as 26 iterations!!!

Shieldbearer with 9 health and 5 armor wasn't a match for my monsters like Goblin Mech, Exploding Dwarf and co and was removed early in this round and the Magnor was also just hanging in there.


Round 2:

With Shieldbearer out of equation, no more taunting and my monsters started the attack from back end and Silvershield Assasin and Silvershield Knight were removed and this was after the Magnor was removed and opponent's second monster ElvenDefender was also removed.


Round 3:

We are left with Goblin Mech and Clay Golem on opposite side and the blast ability bestowed to all monsters means, there was an early end to this battle.


That was pretty onesided thanks to Yodin Zaku and also to Magnor and co.

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Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

It's apparent that, the strategy worked very nicely and loss of just one monster in a 50 Mana battle says it all!!!

Do you think there is any scope for improvement in this lineup?

Do you use OPPORTUNITY often? Why or why not?

Very often I use the Opportunity monsters but yes, depending on the situation.

Opportunity monsters gives that extra edge of removing some low health monsters such as Creeping Ooze or Brownie or even other Opportunity monsters which makes huge difference with their own abilities like swift or slow etc.

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That was a pretty nice battle and even my opponent will agree with that.

What you guys say?

OK Guys, Take Care and Keep Battling, See you soon in the battle :)

Do leave your comments on this and let me know what you felt.

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