Splinterlands - Fire vs Water, which one is Stronger?

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Hello battlers,



Well, I myself wasn't sure about the question I have asked here.
So, I did a google search and this is what I got:


That clearly says, when Water and Fire both are in same amounts, Water easily extinguishes Fire!!!!

OK, guys, take it easy, I wanted to tell about my Splinterlands battle of Fire vs Water and hence, I referred that ;)

We all know, it's totally different here in Splinterlands, the person who has better deck wins irrespective of Fire or Water or Earth or Death, isn't it?

Having said that, even Summoners play a very important role in nurturing and encouraging it's monsters. You know what I mean by nurturing and encouraging, right?

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Here are the battle details with lineup to start with:


Battle was of Target Practice(melee and ranged monsters don't miss at all) and Close Range(Ranged monsters can even attack from first position) and there was a Mana cap of 36, enough for Yodin Zaku to accommodate some nice ranged monsters.


I used Yodin Zaku Summoner for one more time and my once again mediocre monsters were once again, yeah once again able to pull off a win against a strong Water deck, thanks to once again Yodin Zaku(let me remind you, it's a delegated one for me ;) ) and my monsters were:

Goblin Mech:


Since this was a battle of Target Practice* and I had the strong summoner in Yodin Zaku, I used this heavy monster although I knew that it won't stand against Water splinter and to my bad luck, it was Water splinter I was playing against.

Kobold Miner:


Don't be surprised for using this in second position. My aim was to use maximum ranged monsters to support the usage of Yodin Zaku and I wanted a bit of melee attack support to Goblin Mech and hence, I used this in second position.

Serpentine Spy:


I have become a fan of Opportunity monsters and I use one of them whenever I battle with almost all the Splinters.

Here I used this to keep an eye on Creeping Ooze or a Brownie which my change the speed of my monsters.

Fire Beetle:


Fourth to Sixth are all ranged attack monsters in my lineup just to justify the usage of Yodin Zaku since it boosts the ranged attack.

Fire Beetle being a sinper monster, can attack 3 monsters in each round thanks to blast enabled and hence, I used this.

Fire Elemental:


Another useful ranged monster which gives 3 attack with good speed of 4.



Used Mantoid to wrap up my lineup since it has 7 health and gives another 3 ranged attack and is another Sniper monster.

Opponent was on Water Splinter and used The Kraken, Phantom of the Abyss, Ruler of the Seas, Ice Pixie, Pirate Archer and Creeping Ooze in his lineup in that order.

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Round 1:

My fear came true with regards to Goblin Mech as it surrendered or should I say it got removed before it could send a single blow since it's speed of 2(reduced from 3 to 2 thanks to Creeping Ooze opponent had used) and opponent's The Kraken, Phantom the Abyss, Ruler of the Seas and even Ice Pixie had better speed and wiped it out!!

Round 1 also saw end of Creeping Ooze and Phantom of the Abyss for opponent because of blast of ranged monsters.


Round 2:

At the very beginning of second round, The Kraken removed Kobold Miner and Ruler of the Seas saw end of Serpentine Spy.

On the other hand, my ranged monsters took care of *The Kraken and Ruler of the Seas bringing Ice Pixie into front.

The last blow in this round came from Pirate Archer to remove Fire Beetle :( reducing my monsters to just 2.


Round 3 and 4:

But there was still hope for me as it was a Closed Range battle and my ranged attack monsters can also attack from front position as per that!!!

But, there was heartbreak in the beginning itself as 2 health Fire Elemental was the next to be removed by Ice Pixie and brought Mantoid into the front.

Mantoid removed Ice Pixie and Pirate Archer in succession with blast ability and only Creeping Ooze was left which was without a melee attacking ability.


That was another nice battle thanks to Yodin Zaku, a win from the jaws of defeat all because of the Summoner!!!!

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Have you got such battles to share with? Please do comment and tell me if it could have been better.

Good Day friends :)

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LOL! I love that you googled 'fire vs water'. 🤣 And that you found an answer. I suppose it's true... the internet has an answer for everything.

Great post! I love hearing your 'voice' throughout. 🥰@carrieallen

lol, yeah, Thank you @carrieallen, that was fun, but I just wanted to bring some smile onto my blog readers..

I am now getting some reasonable amount of audience to my blogs including some prominent names as you can see under voters list, but same is not the case on my steemit blogs though :(

Wishing you a brand new day and just waiting for the season end rewards :)

It's great you are getting more eyes on your posts! It takes a LONG TIME to do this... on any social media site. And if you are staying on steem you'll just need to find a new niche for posting there. Because Splinterlands is moving to HIVE many folks won't be posting or reading posts there anymore. I'll still be upvoting there while we transition though. 🥰@carrieallen