Splinterlands - SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge with EQUALIZER Ruleset

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Hello battlers,



How are you all doing? I am sure everyone is battling hard and trying to occupy top 40 positions in whatever league they are :).
Here I provide the details of a battle for the Splinterlands Weekly Challenge of SHARE YOUR BATTLE with **Equalizer rule set.


What is Equalizer Ruleset?

Equalizer ruleset enables all the monsters to have equal health and that of the monster with highest health from either side.
In the Equalizer rule set, it's always said that, *battle with monsters with lower health to maximize the lower health monster attack.

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As the above screenshot shows, the battle I fought for this challenge provided enough Mana of 46 and the rulesets were Super Sneak and Equalizer
Super Sneak as we know, makes all the melee monsters to target the last monster on the lineup unless there is any monster with Taunt ability.
For this huge Mana battle, keeping in mind about Equalizer as well as Super Sneak rule sets, I used the monster as mentioned below:

The Krakken:


There was a dilemma whether to use this at the front to justify the Equalizer battle or use it at the backend to take it all the blow for a Super Sneak battle. Finally, I decided to use this at the front and keep it healing using Crustacean King.
It worked well with this monster at the front and taunting all the monsters to attack it.

Sea Monster:


Used this as a backup front monster in case The Krakken gets removed early.
Usage of this in second line means, we can utilize it's 5 melee attack for Super Sneak battle to attack last monster on the lineup on other side of the lineups.

Mermaid Healer:


I used this thinking about healing the second line monsters as there might be a chance of a monster with blast ability.

Crustacean King:


A tank healer is a must in these kind of high Mana cap battles and especially in this battle, since I used The Krakken at the front, it's very much required to be healed to keep it alive.

Grumpy Dwarf:


I used this since it has armors and also gets enraged when hit to give more melee attack.

Goblin Mech:


Used this at the back end, just keeping in mind about the Super Sneak battle although The Krakken will manage to Taunt other monsters for a while.

Opponent used Mylor Crowling summoner which enables all monsters with Thorn ability and his lineup was Stone Golem, Nectar Queen, Goblin Mech, Kron The Undying, Wood Nymph and Spirit Druid Grog.

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Round 1:

Two rule sets which asks for attack in 2 different directions was a bit confusing, but The Krakken used at the front ensured the attack towards my monsters always at front and the attack on opposite side was towards Spirit Druid Grog positioned last on the lineup.
At the end, none of the monsters got removed by this round.


Round 2:

Spirit Druid Grog was the first to go in this round followed by The Krakken and that brought healing Sea Monster to the front on my side and tank healer Wood Nymph will be the next target from opponent side.


Round 3:

With The Krakken losing out in previous round, the battle got into attack all from back side mode because of Super Sneak battle rule and Wood Nymph was the next to go for opponent.


Round 4:

Goblin Mech from my side got to go in this round being the only monster to be removed.


Round 5 and 6:

The battle iterations got reduced as it got into more higher rounds and this round, we saw end of opponent's front monster Stone Golem.


Round 7:

Grumpy Dwarf bite the dust in this round because it was hit with thorn and then attacked by Goblin Mech and was the only monster to get removed.


Round 8 and 9:

As the iterations got reduced, even monsters are also getting reduced with Nectar Queen got removed in Ninth round and brought Goblin Mech to the front and usage of Mylor Crowling summoner by opponent means, all his monsters were throwing thorns.


Round 10, 11 and 12:

Since this is a battle with Equalizer rule, all monster have 14 health and that means, a monster cannot be removed in one round. That made Goblin Mech survive Three rounds and got removed in Twelfth round.


Round 13, 14 and 15:

Last remaining Kron The Undying from opponent's lineup resisted for 3 rounds as it's also a self healing monster but got removed in round 14.


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Question and Answers:

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

Being a high MANA battle and couple of interesting rulesets made this a high rounds match and happy to win that and yes, the lineup I used was good and using The Krakken was one of the good points although it gave some advantage for opponent by increasing all the monsters health to 14.
What else could have made the lineup even better? I can't think much about changes, may be another magic monster would have helped a bit more.

Do you like the EQUALIZER ruleset? Why or why not?

I like it a lot as it gives me more wins and most of the time I win with Water Splinter.
There is no complaint about this ruleset as it gives more wins :).

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Oh!!!! that was some epic battle with 15 rounds!!!! Equalizer battles are like that when we use monsters with health 14!!!

Thanks for going thru this nice battle and the lineup and all other details, I just enjoy writing about these Splinterlands battles :)
I hope you enjoyed these details :)

Good day to all

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Great effort for a Battle Challenge post. Keep it up!



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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Whoa, up to round 15? That's so cool.
You had a fantastic lineup.
I liked the way you talked about your battle.
Keep on playing.