Splinterlands - Weekly Share Your Battle with ARMORSMITH Theme

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Hello battlers,



Nice to be back with usual trend of a monster for Splinterlands Weekly Challenge and theme this week is one of the silent but powerful monsters from Life Splinter and it's Armorsmith.
Why is it powerful? Because, it can make a monster with just one health to stand against another monster with huge melee or ranged attack without piercing and plays vital role in Super Sneak and Melee Mayhem battles with it's armor building with repair ability.

Let's see the details of Armorsmith:


A Common Life Splinter melee monster, Armorsmith comes with single ability in all 10 levels i.e. Repair to restore some armors to the friendly monster which has taken the most damage.

What are the melee attack, speed and other characteristics of this monster?

Below table has the details:


In my honest opinion, we use this monster more for it's repair ability than it's melee attack although the little melee attack will be more than handy in melee mayhem and super sneak battles.

Designed Line.png

Battle and Lineup I used:



This being a 28 Mana cap battle and Silenced Summonsers battle type, have to rely on Armorsmith for armors.
I have a level one Mother Khala Summoner to battle it out for this challenge and Life Splinter is the least used Splinter because of the limitation of low level Summoner I have and my lineup was as below.

Silvershield Knight:


Since this battle didn't have Water splinter enabled, I had that liberty of using low health monster with armor creation from Armorsmith and Silvershield Knight with it's inspire ability, I felt will suite the front position since it has 4 speed and hence, used this as front monster.

Luminous Eagle:


For the Silvershield Knight, I needed a perfect reach monster and Luminous Eagle just provides me that with it's 3 melee attack because it's inspired by Silvershield Knight.

Divine Healer:


For the 2 melee monsters used above, it's very much necessary to heal them to keep them in battle for more time and hence, Divine Healer came into this lineup at third position.

Silvershield Assassin:


Although I have a level 3 Silvershield Assassin, my level One Summoner limits it's melee attack to just One, but I still used this to check backend monsters and in the end, this monster proved to be a winner for me.



The monster for this week's Challenge, Armorsmith is solely used to provide Armors and hence used in this back position.

Creeping Ooze:


Since I was left with one Mana to cover from the 28 limit for this battle, used this as ut also provides the ability of slowing down the opponent's monsters speed with slow ability.

That completes my lineup, although not that great due to limited Summoner, but was enough to get a win for me :)
Opponent too came up with Life Splinter and Mother Khala summoner and his lineup included Shieldbearer, Spirit Miner, Evangelist, Goblin Chariot and Furious Chicken.

Designed Line.png


Round 1:

Inspired by Silvershield Knight, my monsters had increased melee attack and all my monsters attacked Shieldbearer because of it's Taunt ability and reduced it's health to 4 by end of this round but even my front monster Silvershield Knight was also reduced to 3 health.


Round 2:

Both front monsters with low health got removed in this round and healing of Divine Healer saved Luminous Eagle for me, but removal of Silvershield Knight means, reduced melee attack for me reducing Silvershield Assassin to just One.


Round 3:

The reduced melee attack again took out another monster from my lineup and this time it was Luminous Eagle and no change in opponent's lineup.


Round 4:

This round saw end of one monster each from both side, while Silvershield Assassin accounted for Goblin Chariot, Divine Healer removed by combined attack of Spirit Miner and Evangelist.


Round 5, 6 and 7:

End of Divine Healer in last round brought my Silvershield Assassin with One melee attack into front position, but I was fortunate enough to not lose it as the removal of one health Spirit Miner means end of battle for opponent, since last monster being a ranged attack monster in Evangelist and that made me a winner!!!!


Designed Line.png

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

Yes, my limited Summoner and Monsters combination was still able to get a win for me.
I think usage of another monster with more melee attack at the front would have been better, but that would have made my other melee monsters weak without inspiration from Silvershield Knight.

Do you use the ARMORSMITH often? Why or why not?

Frankly speaking, I don't use the Life splinter much because if level One summoner I have although I have some good monsters.
So, until I upgrade Mother Khala to level 3 or 4, it will be not much usage of this Splinter and even Armorsmith.

That's all my friends, had some nice break and fit enough to keep blogging in coming days :)

Wishing you all a Good Day and nice Week ahead :)

Designed Line.png

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Nice post! I like the round explanations.

ProTip: (that I just learned today 😂) Use a Dragon Summoner to bring in Life... focus on neutral and dragon monsters and stick the Armorsmith in there. Boom. 😎 @carrieallen