Furious Chicken Is More Than Just filling The Empty Space

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Good day to you splinterlords and splinterladies. This is a wonderful weekend to everyone of us. Thanks @carrieallen for this awesome opportunity. This week battle challenge is very exciting.
Furious Chicken 🐔 is a monster without Mana. This monster is unique in splinterlands. Since I have been playing splinterlands game; this is the only summoner that has no Mana. I love this monster do much because when I started playing this game, my thought was that Furious chicken was to fill the empty space when your given Mana has being used.

I continued using furious chicken in that way until a particular day that I was paired with a battler. That was my first time seeing furious chicken fighting in a battle. After the whole fight, I went again and watched the game and the rule of the game; I discovered that Furious Chicken can fight in some battles depending on the rules and arrangement.

Though most times I used Furious chicken as a delayed monster from reaching my monsters from behind. This strategy was adopted to avoid sneaky monster destroying my monster. In other way, I used Furious Chicken as an attacking monster to take the first attack from opponent Monsters, especially when I am using monsters with low speed such as sea monster or the rule required high speed. Most times I used Sea Monster as my first monster in the battle, it got eliminated in no time. I decided to used furious chicken for delaying Sea Monster to be eliminated.

I called Furious chicken my "lucky Monster". The reason is that, I won 85 percent of the battles I used this monster. This made me used the monster whenever there is empty space. There are some instances, I won battles narrowly with the help of furious chicken.

There was a battle, I was left with only Furious chicken and my opponent was left with range attack. Hence the rule did not support the range monster to lead the battle and attack. Furious chicken was attacking the monster until it was eliminated. I won the battle with furious chicken.

Furious chicken has enraged Ability- increased melee attack and speed when damaged. This simply means whenever it attacks and destroys, its melee and speed increased. This Ability is activated at level 5 which required only 21 furious chicken cards to level up. Furious Chicken has no melee attack at level 1-2, one melee attack in level 3-7, and 2 melee attack in level 8. It is a neutral Monster- there is a possibility of its availability whenever you use any summoner in a battle.

I used Furious chicken to fight many battles today but I just want to share one of the battles here with you.

PSX_20210312_164126.jpgClick here to watch the battle

• Silence Summoners: Summoners do not give any stat buffs or debuffs or grant/use any ability.
• Melee Mayhem: Melee attack monsters can attack from any position- this particular rule gives opportunity to any melee monster to attack in any position. This rule gives me opportunity to utilized and Melee attack in any position. That was the reason I used Furious chicken, flame monkey and Creeping Ooze.

• CERBERUS: There is no doubt of using Cerberus in this battle; this is the best fire monster with higher heart, high speed, low mana, and healing ability. Due to its high speed, it was this monster that first attacked in this battle. It attacks furious chicken of opponent and destroyed it. I knew, using it to start battle would be difficult to be eliminated because of its increased health ability.

• KOBOLD MINER: There are 2 reasons I used this monster here. The first reason was that, incase any monster of blasting ability was used in the battle, it would take such monster third round to destroy it. Second, to attack from behind. Its presence in this battle was so important by which it destroy Zalran Efreet after fire beetle attacked it.

• FURIOUS CHICKEN: The feature monster did incredible work here. This is the one of the rules that can make this monster be effective in the battle. Furious Chicken also attacked in this battle. It presence made it possible to finished the battle in third round. Though, due to the evading ability of spirit miner; most of my monsters missed the target in the second round. The battle could have been ended in second round.
This battle shows that furious chicken is not to full up space but also to attack in battles. Many believed that the major function of this monster without Mana is to occupied the space and delay from reaching the main monsters.

• FIRE BEETLE: I have calculated the whole fight should be finished in third round since the given Mana is very low. I used this monster to attack in the middle so that whatever opponent have planned should scattered. My thought was that, once the arrangement of monsters in the middle has be disorganized, victory may not be guaranteed. Fire beetle striker the Zalran Efreet and reduced its health to one and also reduce the health of spirit miner to 2. Fire beetle is a reliable monster; it does not miss any target in the battle while others missed.

• FLAME MONKEY: Arranging Six monsters with just 14 Mana is achievable with monsters that has 1, 2 or 3 mana. My aim is that, if six monsters attacked, the effect would be felt seriously in an opponent monsters. This is another monster that was not missed the target.

CREEPING OOZE: The major function of this neural monster was to removed one speed from all opponent monsters which it does. If not because of this monster, Zalran Efreet would have gotten opportunity to attack in the battle; but it wasn't given chance at all. Creeping Ooze also attacked in the battle.

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