Splinter Sea // Official Music for Splinterlands

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Splinter Sea // Official Music for Splinterlands

I originally composed this for the Naga Warrior. It sounds very water-like to me so I made some production changes and have decided to use it as an Ocean theme. It's one of my favorite compositions.

Images from Artbreeder and digitally manipulated in Studio Artist.

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Composition is really amazing! Keep it up the wonderful work!

Wow, another epic soundtrack for the game. I cannot wait to finally have all that great content of yours available in the game one day.



Nice song! Is it yours the voice?

I don't play Splinterlands, but just imagining that I'll hear songs like these will cheer me up.

I couldn't help but share this marvel. What do you do and record your creations with?

Thank you for making my ears happy. I'm not a fan of games, but I'm a musician and a fan of the OST.

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