Splinterlands daily quest reward : 13-10-2020

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Splinterlands daily quest reward at date 10/10/2020, I am now at Gold III rank as rank reset and I win 6 loot chests, get 2 rare cards today!

Hi everybody,

This post is about keeping track on what card I get reward on my daily quest reward at splinterlands.

There is about 2 days to go for this season to finish, and will be rewards with season loot chests rewards!

This is today quest stats ...

It takes 14 turns to finish my quest today.

The Next Goal and Current Strategy

The next goal is getting to Gold II rank, but it need 150,000 TEAM POWER to reach that...

So ...

I may stay at Gold III rank for awhile as new rank terms, it counts card power.

My current strategy is to keep all card you get and max level as you get team power at the same time, team power is more important now.

This is what I got from today reward ..... 😱

At Gold III rank, I reward 6 loot chests. 😊 😊 😊

That's all for now. 😊

Have a nice day!

Love to play more games ... ???

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very nice

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