Beatrix Ironhand - Welcome to the Deck - Splinterlands Untamed Airdrop

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Beatrix Ironhand

Splinterlands Untamed Airdrop
Welcome to the Deck

Yesterday I realized that I received an airdrop from Splinterlands for the Untamed Edition cards. I participated in the crowdfunding campaign and I bought some packs along the way, which entitled me to 62 chances (so far) to win the airdrop. I opened up the Airdrop and to my surprise, I won a Beatrix Ironhand card. She is an Epic 6 MANA card with the close range ability. This will be a nice addition to my Splinterlands deck.

See You on The Battlefield!


Thanks For Reading!

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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

I hope you'll like her on the battlefield.