My Weekly Battle Challenge and Why Splinterlands has my favorite NFTs

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In the largest and deepest of the Flaming Caverns beneath Molten Mountain, there lives a race of Ogres that has been forged in fire. The Molten Ogres are called upon by the Torch for the grandest Ferexia military conquests. Unlike their smaller cousins, the Pit Ogres, who must be chained and dragged into service, Molten Ogres are willing and eager to march off to a bloody battle. Their incredible confidence, combined with their unparalleled strength cause many who face the Molten Ogres to run away in fear.

I thought this was a silly card when it first came out so I burned many of them for DEC. That turned out to be a mistake. This card was less than a cent when it was new, but now sells for almost ten on the market. I've noticed this about a lot of cards. They seem worthless at first when given out as rewards, but are worth ten or a hundred times their value in a year's time. This isn't financial advice, but Splinterlands has served as the best savings account I've ever owned. What savings account grows that quickly? Which savings account lets you battle with your money? I'm not a chart or trader guy, so I'll never have an emotional attachment to my crypto coins. They're just numbers to me, but I love some of my Splinterlands cards and feel sad whenever I must sell them, but quite pleased when ones I've forgotten about are worth something.

Molten Ogre serves as a great tank or sacrificial monster to be put in the front. This is one of the few cards I powered up on rewards and earned DEC alone. I was able to power it up to level 9, but didn't bother MAXing it since it would only increase his health by one point and I'll need 200 more cards to get there. You only need MAXed cards if you make it to the top thousand players and above in the CHAMPION leagues.


In this battle, melee monsters can attack from anywhere so I sacrificed the Molten Ogre by putting him out front to eat up the enemy's attacks while my Exploding Dwarf with blast ability, three headed Cerebrus, and Flame Monkey could go to work. I'm happy to report that we didn't lose a single monster in this battle.

Splinterlands has a great and loyal community so I don't think this game will ever die. I'm not a blockchain expert, but I believe this is the best mix of NFTs and gaming right now. I know there are some copycats, but are there any better ones right now?


Ouch, I have done that as well, burning a bunch of cards then realizing they are pretty great, and wishing I had leveled them up instead! hehe

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Maybe your opponent was just a little underpowered compared to you?!?

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Yeah, they were all level ones. Sometimes all level ones can beat you if they select a better card line up for the battle rules. Splinterlands rewards procrastination. If you don't play for a day or two, the competition gets soft.

Oh I'm in the same boat - I haven't played all season so far, and I'm in Gold 1 with stack loads of maxed legendaries.

The next few days of play are going to be embarrassing!