Every week there is a Splinterlands challenge to share a battle using a card and on this week's post it is the Electric Eel. I also encourage Splinterlands players to partake in the challenge because you get to try different strategies and earn some crypto in the process.

Featured Monster with Retaliate: Electric Eels

7-21 electric eels.png

Electric eels is a water splinter card with a mana cost of 4. It is a reach monster but I didn't really see a place for him in my normal line up due to Wave Runner. At level 5, it also learns the blast ability which could make him more useful compared to wave runner. It has decent speed and health but I just find his attack to be a bit too low.

7-20 electric eel monster market.png

I did not have this card before so I decided to look up the price on the market. It wasn't exactly that expensive for a level 1 so I decided to purchase it directly using MonsterMarket because it gives me back some extra DEC. The price of DEC has gone up quite a bit so I spent around 261 DEC to buy this card after the cashback.

Rule set, Battle and Plan

7-21 ruleset.png

The rule set this time is close range and no legendary cards. There is also only 26 mana available and we can use water, life, death and dragon decks. The close range rule set is quite nice because ranged monsters won't be penalized when they come to the front line.

7-21 summoner.png

I am glad that no legendary monsters still allow me to use a legendary summoner. So with this, I use Lir Deepswimmer because it has return fire which counters every ranged attack. At the same time, I get a bonus 2 shield on all my monsters and the enemies are blinded. The close ranged rule set will make it more likely for my opponent to use ranged monsters so I feel it is more beneficial to use this summoner.

My plan this week is to just tank my opponent's range or melee attacks while slowly killing them off. It would be better if they are using ranged monsters since return fire would help quite a bit. To implement this, I plan on filling up every single monster slot I can on my side to take advantage of shield and return fire..

Round 1

7-21 round 1.png

My opponent's lineup makes me happy because he can't really do much damage against me. The only worrying factor is that snipe ranged monster but it won't have a chance to hit my last card due to the shield and return fire ability. Besides this, he only has one card that can deal melee damage and it can't even attack me for a long while. So I will definitely have a decent chance of taking down my opponent's lineup without taking a lot of damage.

Round 2

7-21 round 2.png

A decent first round since my opponent missed. I have a feeling that flying ability and blind on my opponent is definitely going to affect the rate he can damage my cards. I am noticing that this will be quite a long fight since the -1 melee attack decreases my damage by quite a bit.

Round 3

7-21 round 3.png

Well it looks like it was just some damage this round. The cube tank he has is almost dead so at least it is progress on my side.

Round 4

7-21 round 4.png

The cube is down and I have a feeling the battle won't change much. So I will fast forward to when the ghoul is in the front line since that ranged monster will either die when it hits my albatross or if my seaweed lands a hit.

Round 6

7-21 round 6.png

I skipped round 5 since it was so repetitive. At this point, my side can do 6 damage per turn while my opponent can only deal 2 and he has to deal with all my shield left. So I see zero change of my opponent winning unless he lands every hit and dodges almost all of mine. I will fast forward to the end.

7-21 conclusion.png

It was pretty much over in the next round. The extra shields and blind made my opponent miss all his attacks. So the fight ended as I expected.


The battle went exactly as I expected but I was expecting a better line up on my opponent. I don't think I would ever choose that time type of lineup unless there was a poison rule set. It was a line up based on stalling and I don't exactly like using them where there isn't poison or earthquake.

Lir Deepswinner was an amazing card. Besides one attack from his ranged monster that took out some shield, my opponent landed zero hits. In the end, I ended up finishing the fight without taking any damage. The shield, blind and return fire all helped me in this fight.

You can see my entire match here.

What did you think of my match? Was there anything you would of done differently? I think it is quite interesting to see how different players use the same card.


Nice analysis - I'm not sure what your opponent was thinking with only playing one active card?

Totally neutralised by Lir!


Yea I don't know what my opponent was doing either. Lir is an amazing water summoner but he gets destroyed when I face magic builds. I just thought it was more in my favor due to the rule set.



They all have their strengths and weaknesses, I've found it's always worth playing the ruleset!