Splinterlands -- Opening My Last Season Rewards.


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Welcome back to my another @Splinterlands post. Today in this post I am going show my last season rewards. So stay with me.

I have finished my Splinterland season in "BRONZE 2" League and I got total 7 loot cheast. It is really unfortunate for me that I don't have enough power to go far in league. I have only 4595 Power which only allow me to max tier "BRONZE 2" League. But every time I finished my season with the rating of 1200+

Now let me give a little intro about the monster cards I got from seasonal rewards.

Screenshot (186).png

I had got total 3 Monsters cards, 2 ALCHEMY POTION and 1 UNTAMED PACKS.

Screenshot (189).png

So this is the first Rare monster I got as a reward. Name of this monster is DARK FERRYMAN.

DARK FERRYMAN will Cost $0.17 for level 1.

Screenshot (190).png

The second card I got as a reward is a COMMON EARTH monster called BARKING SPIDER.

BARKING SPIDER will cost you $0.055 for a single level 1 card.

Screenshot (191).png

And the 3rd monster I got as a reward is a COMMON FIRE monster which is called FLAME MONKEY.

FLAME MONKEY will cost you only $0.033 for a single level 1 card.

Screenshot (192).png

I also got a UNTAMED Pack which is cost about 2000 DEC.

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