Facing THE KRAKEN and TORHILO THE FROZEN in same battle can be dreadful

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There are a few monsters I dread coming up against, I wouldn't mind owning them and kicking ass with them but having them come up against me can be dreadful.

Talking about dreadful monsters THE KRAKEN and TORHILO THE FROZEN are among the many others I don't look forward to battling against them. I do own TORHILO THE FROZEN though and I am loving its abilities.


Looking at my opponent's line up before battle commenced I expected to be defeated against two dreaded monsters alongside two range and a magic monster.
Not undermining my line up, I also had a strong line up of which two of them (SAND WORM and CORNEALUS) focused on eliminating THE KRAKEN


Watching THE KRAKEN fall off the battleground was a delight and I could see I might be winning this battle.

I lost some monsters in the process but in the end it was a well deserve victory from my destructive monster.

Enjoy the battle 🙂

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Thanks for sharing! - @marianaemilia

Nice! If you can also add a link to the battle directly in the game! Stay strong and Good luck!

Thanks I will do so