ELVEN CUTTHROAT had it coming, you don't mess with a monster with thorns, do you?

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So it is time to show off with that sweet victory, I chose this battle because ELVEN CUTTHROAT attacked the wrong monster, a monster with thorns CORNEALUS and what transpired between both was interesting to watch.

With equal heal for all monsters and the magic monsters out of the way leaving the battle ground for the range and melee monsters I wanted a dominant line up, a kick ass kind of line up.

SEA MOSNTER led the frontline but was soon eliminated, WAVE RUNNER to assist from second spot, I love WAVE RUNNER!


But I love CORNEALUS! In a battle with 36 mana I could afford to slot in CORNEALUS to keep the backline closed while attacking frontline enemy monster and as a level 2 monster it attacks the attacker with thorns (now that's the part I like) 😃


It is quite an expensive card, if not mistaken the most expensive monster I own from the look of how much it is going for from the screenshot below.


So what happened to ELVEN CUTTHROAT for for attacking CORNEALUS? She got pierce with thorns to death!


A very interesting battle I enjoyed, hopefully you will enjoy it too.
I need more monsters like CORNEALUS!

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We owe it to ourselves to make Hive great

Image by @doze

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☺☺☺ Continue winning, no going back, am blushing for you.

😂 I'm glad am making you blush! 😃

Thank you!

Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

You don't mess with a monster with thorns.
No, I don't for sure.
Elven Cutthroat is a fantastic one.
Well done.
Keep on battling.

Thanks man, the comment is much appreciated.
Compliments of the new year!