The Large Floating Eyeball

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With the addition of Chaos Legion and Riftwatchers card editions added to Splinterlands you would think CORNEALUS would be losing its powers but no it is a monster that rises to the occasion at any given time.

The Summoners

Opponent's SummonerElementAbility
QUIX THE DEVIOUSDragon-1 Speed, -1 Health
My SummonerElementAbility

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Battle Ruleset
Melee Mayhem
Holy Protection

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Rich in Armor and Health ROBO-DRAGON KNIGHT is often my go-to Tank in the Dragon element and with Void ability reducing the effect of magic attacks, I can rely on ROBO-DRAGON KNIGHT in most cases. So it takes up the frontline leading my lineup.

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In the second spot is DJINN CHWALA, a dangerous card in no magic battles and more dangerous against melee monsters with its Thorns ability. Getting CHWALA enraged at level 4 is asking for trouble. I look forward to having it at level 4.

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I was fortunate to have used CHARLOK MINOTAUR in this battle as it made it easier to eliminate HARKLAW with Demoralize ability against my melee monsters. CHARLOK MINOTAUR, is not a card I use often but it certainly made an impact in this battle.


A Demoralize ability card will do in addition to the CAMILA SUNGAZER'S -1 melee on enemy monsters. CAMILA SUNGAZER comes in at fourth place providing the needed ability.

Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle! - Brave 11_22_2022 9_47_13 AM.png

It didn't end well for URAEUS in fifth place taking a sneak attack at the opponent's CURSED WINDEKU with Thorns at the backline but it managed to launch four attacks at WINDEKU before it arrived in the frontline.


The large, floating eyeball monster known as Cornealus has strange magical powers and can see anything for miles in any direction. No one knows from whence it came. With such strange magical powers, CORNEALUS is better off in the backline, attacking from range and able to see attacks in any direction, never leaving the melee attackers without damage. It remains a nightmare to melee monsters on the battlefield.



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Wow, nice match. It was a long match but Cornelius with thorns is really powerful. It knocked out all the sneak monsters so they could only focus on the front-line.

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