I am giving it to LONE BOATMAN, that second victory of the day I had to brag about!

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It is currently 13 hours left for the end of the current season, my quest today is to win 5 battles with Life splinter. In this video I share with you my second successive victory as I battle my way to completing my quest.


My lines up in this battle paid off well, it was a dominating victory over my opponent. I can hardly pick my most valuable monster in this battle as all played valuable parts.

My range monsters did quite well as you will notice, so I'm give some praise to LONE BOATMAN a monster I enjoy using because of its fast ability and 2 range attack on enemy monsters for a level 1 card.

I have got to go now, I've got 3 more battles to win!


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Many thanks @mawit07

Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

We almost missed your post, man.
I was looking anyway and got to know that your post was not curated.
Here I'm now for that.

Nice battle... I liked the llineup.
And yeah... LONE BOATMAN is so nice.
Keep on playing.

😃 Thanks a lot, I can imagine its not easy to see all the post on here. I appreciate the vote. Many thanks.

I'm having fun battling!