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RE: 2 Years Later...I Finally Understand The Excitement!

in Splinterlands5 months ago

Oh I can see how you can spend a bunch of time and money on it and not get those juicy cards....Do you spend HIVE on it? Or just play for rewards?


I started playing again at the right time when a few big players were selling all their collection and DEC price was really low. So I bought splinterlands "credits" using your best friend paypal and bought up a lot of maxxed cards.

Now I'm currently renting out my cards and not battling anymore for a while. The hours I would spend playing the game to only get 5 cents worth of rewards wasn't worth it for me. I will say it's much more fun at lower levels than champion. It is pay to win unfortunately.

I mean, you get the cards and who knows what this stuff will be worth in a few years from now....Accumulation mode!!!!!

Yes, let's take it to discord haha