The Five Death Cards and their Ability to Fight

I’ve been playing Splinterlands since it started, and I bought two packs of it when they announced the sale. I was lucky because that day I got a powerful legendary card, the Lord of Darkness.

The Chosen Death Card

I stopped playing Splinterlands which was formerly Steem Monster for a long time. I just came back in 2020 of April when I could focus on how to play it right.

In Splinterlands, my favorite Summoner Cards to use are Death Cards. But depending on the situation, if the point of my quest on that day is Death Splinter Cards?


Lord of Darkness is a Legendary Card, I got it when I bought a pack of cards. This card is very strong even though he is not yet at level 2 of his ability.

He has 3 attacks, 2 shields, 8 lives, and his speed is only at Level 2. However, you can not ignore it because of its ENRAGE ability that increases Melee Attack and Speed ​​when damaged. This card is always placed in front of the match and requires an assistant in the back to attack.

All I can say on this card is that it is a true Legend of the Splinterlands. Although it is not only the legendary card, but it is the most harsh of the ancient cards.


Is one of my favorites to use and it never goes away with every fight I make. It is always positioned on the back of the Legendary Card to support.

It has 2 attacks, 7 lives, and 2 speeds to attack. It is also scary because it has healing ability after you attack it. Especially if there is a range attack or healing card behind it. I often put it on the back of my Legendary Card Lord of Darkness or any strong card that has 2 attacks, and has 6 lives, and a shield.

It can also be placed on the front but requires a Range Spell card on the back as support. His condition is only dangerous if his opponent in front has 3 attacks and 8 lives with ability.


This card is fierce, whose position is always in the third or fourth row. The user's card has been knocked down a lot and his opponent is really annoying.

This card has 3 attacks, 8 lives, and has a speed at Level 3. His special ability is Demoralize which reduces the attack of all Melee Monster cards. You can only use this card if the MANA CAP match is at 32 or 44. If it is less than 28 MANA CAP, do not use it because you will definitely lose.

And my Octopider is already at Level 3 of his ability. Because my Summoners are all at Level 2. My goal is to accumulate DEC so that I can upgrade my summoners to level 3.


Scary to hear isn't it? Especially and he has 3 attacks and special ability that prevents the opponent's card from healing. The card looks really weird.

This card is new and it is easy to know its ability. What is terrifying about this card is its attack and ability. Because when his attack hits your card, and you have healing ability, it will stop healing. And even worse, it will reduce your card life by 3 times. Isn't he strong?

But you do not have to be afraid, because it only needs to be able to match a strong Melee Card because his life is only 3. Just one shot and that's dead!


In Range Spell, it is very good to use it if MANACAP in battle is at 28 and above. Often its position is in the fourth part and the one behind it is a Melee Card.

This card is effective if the one on the front is a strong and tough card, capable of withstanding another card's attack. Its life is 9 and it has the ability to fly with a chance to attack Melee and Range who are incapable of flying.

I do not often use this card if MANACAP on the contrary is not at 44 or above. Because the opponent on this card definitely has a defense.


The cards I mentioned are the ones I used in battle. Except for a Legendary Range Neutral Card. I did not explain it because it is different cards.

Those are some of my observations and what I know about the card I use. And this coming September 1, according to the news the game will change. I'll just wait and see how it will affect everyone.


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