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WAR CHAANG is an EPIC Neutral Monster Card with special ability of Retaliate and has two attacks of 1 Ranged and 2 Meleed and I get this from a weekly quest. Until now I am still studying the proper use of this card and its potential partner card in the fight.

Since WAR CHAANG does not have a shield, it should only be placed in the second position with a shield. And in the third position if possible is the Ranged Spell card.

The Battle Cards

I used the Mobile Phone in the game because until now I have not been able to replace my damaged Power Supply on my Computer Desktop.

I did not include the Goblin Mech in the GIF because I can only use the video for 5 seconds so that the MB of the GIF is not too big to play. Besides, the challenge is about War Chaang and how to use it according to the users experience.

The Position of my Attack

These are the positions I made of the cards, to test the ability of the WAR CHAANG for how long it will last.

My Goblin Mech is already at Level 4 and his shield is already at plus 6 and life has reached level 8. Enough to take the fight and defend his other cards in the back. Besides, when it start to attack, your life will definitely be reduced to 4, by hits on your card. This is one of the most feared cards if you are a beginner.

My War Chaang is only at Level 1 and I have not upgraded it yet. I still need to try it and find out his strengths and weaknesses? Its level is still low but they are the same as the life of my Goblin Mech. They also have the same speed; their only difference is the ability to attack. Because my War Chaang has two different attacks. One Range Arrow Attack and two Melee Attacks that can be used in any attack position.

My Octopider is already at Level 3 and has the ability to reduce the attack of all Melee Monster cards. Like the previous two cards, it also has 8 lives, level 3 speed, and 3 Range Arrow attack. Sometimes I hesitate to use it because when the card in front of it loses and he is in front. It no longer has the ability to attack or interact with an attack. It is useless unless it has support on the back like a Range Spell card user.

My Diamond Dragon is only at level 1 but it will be strong if the user knows where to place it. It has the ability to reduce the speed of the monster card and attack the card without the ability to fly. My Diamond Dragon has 10 shields, 6 lives, 3 speeds, and 2 range spells at its level 1.

I often put it in the fourth place to support my Melee Card. I also often use it in Earthquake quests, especially if the MANA is High.

My Grim Reaper is only at Level 1 and its ability is affliction. When its arrow hits you, you will lose the ability to heal yourself even if the heal cards with you will not heal you. I suggest placing this card in the fourth or fifth position with the Melee Card on the back for support. The life of my level 1 card is 3, 3 attacks, and the speed to move is 2. This card is a scary opponent, because of its 3 attacks that will kill the life of your card.

The Phantom Soldier is one of my favorite cards because it uses Spell, and the Spell Attack of my card is 2. His life is 9 and Speed ​​is 3. It has the ability to fly and attack the Melee and Range Card. My card is only at Level 2. Because I prefer to upgrade the summoner's to use the full ability of the upgraded monster card.


All the images of monster card that I use are owned by Splinterlands except the edited thumbnail.


Nicely done Battle Challenge post. Did you created the post on your phone as well? It looks great.

Yes... All in mobile phone only... (^_^)

That's awesome! Great work and keep it up!

Thank you! (^_^) Appreciated...

Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

A nice one.
Liked the cover photo.
And I really liked the way you talked about your monsters.
Nice strategy.

Keep battling.

Thank you so much... I did create all in my mobile only...

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