I pulled a GOLD Caladuum a few hours ago!! So I bought another 110 Dice!!! [Opening Video]

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So... I bought 43 packs of Azmare earlier today, and I pulled a #gold Caladuum out of them (and a regular one as well)... so I moved some things around and promptly bought 110 more dice!

Terrible investing by the way. Success, whether in luck of "pulls" or in price increase, is never an indicator of future success. This is called the 'Hot Hands' fallacy."

This time around though, I bought the legendary & alchemy potions for all my packs, AND I decided to make a video of it! Hope you enjoy!

I've now moved my collection of cards & DEC over to this account from my main account, and my 1 tract of land was already here :-)

I think this #splintershards airdrop has got me convinced to play @splinterlands again! I'm certainly going to be HODLing a lot more cards & packs over the next year :-)

Here's my recent post about Splinterlands - I think this game may very well be the key to the success of Hive!

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What a great video! You pulled some great cards! Great idea to use those potions! Congrats on your GFL! ~@clove71

Thanks for the up-vote!

I've definitely felt like most of the time my potions have been worthwhile - especially with those Untamed packs. There were some bundles of 110 packs where I got a dozen golds.