Opening My Splinterlands Season Rewards - 22 Loot Chests

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One more #Splinterlands Season has come to an end and I managed to sneak into Gold 3 Division a couple of days before this season ended!

I was awarded 22 Loot Chests for making it to Gold so thank you Splinterlands!!! Was I lucky though?

Click play and find out

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Thank you for watching and supporting me!
Much love to everyone and stay safe.

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Right on man congratulations and excellent work with this game we see you right in about it all the time too bad I didn't get in on this at the beginning.

Yooooooooo man, thanks a lot! Why don't you start playing now? It's never too late!

I have absolutely so much on my plate right now and then on top of it I've also got this amazing puppy dog tying up my time so....

I've been a little bit busy