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RE: Splinterlands Basic Strategies – Introduction – The Tank #01

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Thank you so much.
I am a beginner, I have been playing for the second month, I understand a lot from practice, but I still don’t understand much, many nuances.
It's great if you guide the entire transcript on cards and abilities.
I will read all your posts on this topic.
Do not give up this wonderful undertaking.


@lannabeiker, thank you, I'm happy to help. I will not give up, sometimes it can take a while to get the next article out because I want to do a good job and this requires time, the next one must be coming out of the oven today.

I've been blogging for many years and I know very well how long it takes to make a good post with pictures and all my thoughts.
A quality post - it takes a lot of time.
Therefore, many want to tell something, or are going to, but there is always not enough time.
Therefore, a special thank you for finding this time.