My end of season reward

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Hello friends,
another season of Splinterlands ended today.
At the beginning of the season I set myself the goal of arriving in the Diamond I league and finally after two failed attempts ...

Goal achieved.


The highest Rating score I managed to score was 3633

Splinterlands : My end of season reward

The beauty of Splinterlands is that the seasonal reward is just one of the many rewards you get when playing.

More important than the two seasonal rewards are the daily rewards because they allow you to open a larger number of chests than the two seasonal rewards.

In the season just ended, I got a total of 117 chests from the daily quests.
The Total Daily Rewards / Seasonal Reward ratio is 117/60 = 1.95

That's why it's important to upgrade cards and summoners: to receive more rewards every day.

Here is the reward I got today:


Cards received: 19 out of 60 chests
Total DEC: 357
Total Potions: 23
Card Value: $ 0.441

I was not lucky but that's okay.

The beauty of Splinterlands is that you enjoy yourself and at the same time you earn DEC and cards.

This is one of the magics of Splinterlands and Blockchain :)

Haven't you registered on Splinterlands yet?


If you are not yet registered on Splinterlands and have decided to register, you can do it from this link:

obviously if you like to use my refferal link ...

Splinterlands is a beautiful game but it is above all an excellent investment (my personal opinion).

If you liked my post leave a comment, an upvote or do a resteem.

See you on the Splinterlands battlefields.

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