End Season Rewards (Splinterlands successful business model)

in Splinterlands2 months ago (edited)

Hello Everybody,

After implementing this new power rule I got my first season reward on the End Season of splinterlands. I ended up in Diamond 2 level and, I got 50 lot chests. in past, I mostly got 120 lot chests and I ended my season in champion 2 levels. I salute the creator of these new rules who is running successfully this business model and innovates new things to make their profit share more and more. We, stupid people, follow them blindly anyway now I am playing splinterland just to complete my daily quest and try to do some other productive things in my spare time. In these rewards, I got 10 cards in which some were rare. I have upgraded some cards and have just started my new season.

My today's Quest Reward cards are ...


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