Bought Max Alpha Selenia Sky from : Received a big cashback!

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Hello Splinterland Folks!

I hope you all are enjoying Splinterlands while staying at home.

As I told many times earlier, I love playing splinterlands and also addicted to collect cards, especially alpha cards. I now have a decent collection of them and I was saving steem for some time to buy the Alpha cards I am lacking in my collection. When I woke up today and saw the steem price is a bit high (0.21$). I have decided to buy a bulk alpha card as it would require a little bit less steem to buy cards for the current high steem price! After roaming around for a while I finally decided to buy the alpha max Selenia Sky! It is one of my favourite cards in Splinterands as well as the costliest alpha summoner. I bought it for 170$ (792.7 steem) and almost gave away all my steem savings.




Now, you may be thinking that why I didn't go for the beta version which is obviously cheaper than the alpha version. But I claim myself as a card collector and find it very fancy to collect all the alpha cards and make them max level. Most of my cards are alpha versions or gold foil versions. Besides being a unique and pricy series, I also love them Because they give 10%+ DEC for every ranked match win and according to me that's very beneficial for a one-time investment. Moreover, there are tournaments happen every week specially dedicated to alpha/gold foil where you can't use normal cards.

Like every time, I will use to buy the alpha Selenia Sky as it will give me back some sweet cashback, 3% to be particular. I like this website the most because there is No subscription charges, no hidden costs, no shit and instant cashback, period.

Now, let us first take a glance at the market price of the card. I don't have a single BCX of alpha Selenia so I am in need of an 8 BCX/ max level.





As you can see, Alpha card prices have been gone up exponentially. Some days before I saw an Alpha max Selenia for 120-130$ but now the lowest max one at the market is listed at 170$! That's really a lot of amount for me but my madness after alpha cards are tempting me heavily to buy this one!

Well, I will be using steem to buy the card and that will cost me 792.7 steem. Now let us quickly move to to buy that particular card. I am explaining the procedure as small and easy steps so that it helps you buy cards from there.


  • Then I use the Filter checkboxes on the left-hand side of the website to filter my card from the market. I chose Summoner then Alpha and legendary and it came up with only 2 results, the normal alpha and the gold foil alpha version of the Selenia Sky.


  • Now, I will click my desired card and a list of all the cards available on the market will show up alongwith their bcx and total value. I will buy the first one, listed by @theycallmedan at 21.250$/bcx. That surely is a high price but who knows if it gets pumped up even more! After all we are talking about Selenia here!


  • After chosing the '+' button at the extreme right of that card row. I closed that window and came back to the main page. There you can see at the upper left corner the card is selected in my cart and it's showing the card value in steem, SBD, DEC and Credits. As I told earlier, I will be using steem to buy this card. SO let us click on steem button.


  • I have Steem keychain already integrated on my chrome so it will redirect me to a payment window as below.

  • Only thing I have to do is to click on the confirm button and Yuhuuu! The new member of my gang has entered in my collection!



As you can see below, I got 23.781 steem cashback from monstermarket which is really a big amount to buy some decent cards. It really helps to save a little bit more money every time when you purchase cards or packs from monstermarket!


That was all guys! I almost spend all my steem but got what I wanted! I want to Thanks @zaku and @reazuliqbal who created and maintaining this awesome market website. Visit it whenever you are willing to buy cards or packs and save a little portion of your hard owned money!!


I also bought a max alpha Silvershield Warrior today and also bought some Mermaid Healers to make it lev 4. I still have many cards left to capture and I Gotta finish making my ultimate alpha deck ASAP guys!

Please let me know your feelings by leaving a comment below.

I also wanna tank to @aggroed @yabapmatt and the entire @splinterlands team for their continuous and tireless effort on this game. You guys rock!!

Haven't joined this awesome game yet?? now is the time dude! Follow the link below and get yourself in the amazing world of splinterlands. Link

All the images in this post are screenshots taken from the site below:

Cover picture is made with -

Monster Market:

Want some cashback while buying packs and cards just like I did?
Then Visit Monster market now! It gives instant cashback on card and pack purchases. It is owned and maintained by @zaku and @reazuliqbal, feel free to ask in need.

Monster Market Website

Monster Market Discord

If you like my post, please do leave a reply.

That's it for today! See you soon in my next post...




Nicely done mango and damn She is indeed expensive lol

Oh yes she really is but I think its worth ot. Selenia cant be compared with any other summoner! She is ONE!

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Nice, max Selenia is really sweet card and from alpha they will be more and more rare in time.

Also I hope that seller, @theycallmedan will actually get his money for card since Justin is attempting to delete his STEEM with fork tomorrow.

Yes that some horrible scene going on. Our tribe leader neoxian has lost 38k$ of steem asset as his stakings get nullified to. Sun just ruined the concept of decentralisation in steem. But he wont get away with this easily.

It feels so good to get something like this! Congrats on your new Dragon Summoner!
And thank you for this tutorial. It's great being able to learn and grow with the community. Also, I love tutorials. 🤣@carrieallen

Thanks for the awesome support carrie! I tried to give easy instructions so that users wont get puzzled while browsing the website. Hope readers will like my work. 😅🤘

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