Splinterlands Vs. Clash Royale!! My entry to Splinterlands Weekly Curation Challange

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Hello Steemians!

I hope you all are enjoying a happy and pleasant day!

Have you watched the recent Splinterlands Weekly Curation Challange post from Splinterlands about making a comparison between Splinterlands and any other game? I am quite surprised and thrilled after reading the post. Now isn't this a unique thought from the team Splinterlands? Normally I see most of the posts regarding Splinterlands updates, New cards or pack launches or some challenge posts to showcase your battle talent in the splinter battleground. But when it comes to a comparison post, the ground just got bigger. Now, we are not limited to our splinter world, we are awake and we want to acknowledge what the outside world is doing when it comes to playing games.

Click here to go to the challenge post:

Now, about me, I am a DIE HARD gamer! I used to play games on the computer and consoles since my kindergarten days. Later, a new era of smartphones came into the ground and I also moved myself to mobile gaming. Also, getting older changes your lifestyle and habit, sometimes slowly, sometimes so fast! I left PC gaming after passing out my Engineering, almost 3 years ago. Nowadays I only play Splinterlands (mostly on my mobile), PUBG (PlayerUnknown's BattleGround) and Clash Royale... And obviously, Splinterlands is top on my game chart.


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Before I summoned myself in the Mystic World of Splinterlands, I was a Clash Royale Addict. No doubt, this game has consumed so much from my free time. This is also a card-based strategy game just like splinterlands. It's a free-to-play game made by SuperCell company. The game is a P2P (Person to Person) strategy game and the popular characters you can play with came from the first game of SuperCell, Clash Of Clan! If you were never hard of both Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, probably you are not that into mobile gaming. Because it is one of the most popular games on the internet!

Now, Let's take a glance at Clash Royale!

About Clash Royale


About The Game:- Clash Royale is a freemium (free to play + paid features) real-time strategy game. The game is a master combination of collectable card games, tower defence games, and multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games.

Developer:- This game is developed and published by Supercell.

Launch Date:- The game got released globally on March 2, 2016. It reached $1 billion in revenue in the 1st year.

Awards:- Won several global Awards including Google play Awards (May 19, 2016), British Academy Games Awards (April 6, 2017), International Mobile Gaming Awards (2 times - March 15, 2016 and February 28, 2017) etc.

Intel collected from Wikipedia

Now, undoubtedly, it is one of the best defence game I have ever played. Just like Splinterlands, Playing Clash Royale is fast where a match only consumes 2-3 mins. It does not require a heavy internet connection like in PUBG. Moreover, you don't have to pay money in here if you don't want to. I haven't paid a single penny in this game but after years of playing, I have a great collection of cards and I play in high tiers just like in splinterlands.

About Splinterlands


On the other hand, Splinterlands may be a newcomer in the world of Strategy and card-based games but it has already proved itself. Let us now look at some statistics regarding Splinterlands.

  • About the Game:- Splinterlands AKA Steemmonsters is collectable trading & drafting card-based strategy game based on the Steem blockchain. In here you can trade and level up your cards to gain XP. You may also battle & sell your cards on the market for cryptocurrency, mainly Steem or DEC! The cards are not fungible and also provides a burn value in DEC.

  • Founders:- @Yabapmatt, @aggroed and their team

  • Launch Date:- Tuesday, 19 December 2017 (domain launch)

  • First Official post:- $10,000 in Monsters in 9 days... Apparently, you dig the game!

  • Statistics:- See below statistics with graph for better understanding.


Matches played in last 30 days



Active Users



Tournament Stat



Packs and Orbs Purchases



Market Orders



Cards Burned



Delegate Cards



Stats collected from Steem Monsters Statistics


Undoubtfully, Splinterlands is a successful gaming project on the blockchain platform and has a brighter future ahead. It has already proved itself in steem and also got itself connected with Tron and Ethernium blockchain. It's expanding and growing itself in a sustainable but fast way.

Now, let us take a deep dive into both of the games and compare the parameters like...

  • Game UI
  • Graphics
  • Gameplay
  • In-Game Currency
  • Forum and Connectivity outside game

Game UI


The success of a newly launched game strongly depends upon it's UI. User Interface or the front end of any game is one of the key factors to bring new gamers and make them stay. It's the first impression you represent towards a new player when he first joins the game and roams around. A fresh, fast and attractive UI is always loved by users whether a laggy, buggy or complex UI distract them out.

Both Steemmonsters and Clash Royale has a very impressive UI. But according to me, Clash Royale has a more stable and detailed UI than Splinterlands. Here, we have to keep in mind that Splinterlands doesn't have an app yet ( If you exclude the alpha version)., So it is unfair to compare a web browser game with an App game. Hopefully, after they launch the app and stable it by removing bugs and glitches, I think the user experience will get bumped up, especially after getting 2 or 3 major UI updates.

Now, let's take a look at the Clash Royale UI first...




This is the first screen you will see when opening the game. The game changes it's Loading page picture after every update, which is cool otherwise you will get bored watching the same picture for months, right?

Next, the tabs... Clash Royale has a total of 5 tabs...

Shop Tab



After opening the Clash Royale app located at the extreme left, you can visit the shop. Here, you can buy gems or gold coins using FIAT currency which later can be used to upgrade cards or to purchase various in-game items. You can also buy cards and emojis from there.

Deck Tab



Similarly to the Splinterlands cards page, this tab shows you your card collection along with their levels. Moreover, you can make decks here to use them directly in matches anytime. Mana cap is applicable in here too which is dynamic for every other match, just like our Splinterlands. You can see common, rare, epic and legendary cards in here too which is very similar to Splinterlands.

Battle Tab



At the battle page, you can see different types of matches to play. Unlike Splinterlands, you can play various types of p2p matches. There are 1v1 and 2v2 battles but on top of that Clash Royale frequently brings unique rules and types of matches. which is a very attractive step from them.

Chat/War/Friends Tab



This tab is subdivided into 3 tabs, they are...

  • Chat - where you can chat with others and donate or request for cards from your clan members. Moreover, you can exchange a large number of cards with other teammates with the help of Trade tokens, Which is a very important facility that helps you to upgrade a particular card.

  • War - This tab operates clan wars. Here, you can play war with other clans, 5 clans from all around the world play clan war together. They are being matched according to their clan trophy count. Clan war can be joined only by a clan leader or co-leaders.

  • Friends - If you connect your clash royale account with Facebook or any other social network, you can directly play clash royale with your online friends. You can also watch their ongoing matches and chat with them.

Tournaments Tab



In this tab, you can find all the clash royale tournaments going on and also the upcoming ones. Clash Royale brings unique tournaments with various rules which makes it interesting and complex to play also. The basic rule thou is to win a definite number of 1v1 or 2v2 matches with real-time players. 3 loses and you are out, so you have to play seriously in this one, just like you do while playing Splinterlands tournaments.

Now, it's Splinterlands' turn



Splinterlands shows a Welcome Back page each day when the user opens it for the first time. The block is filled with exclusive news, quest counter, upcoming tournament reminder, Did you know information quotes and season end timer. It's way better than Clash Royale start page. Clash Royale also has news feed but Splinterlands steals the show by showing multiple important intel under one short template.

Next, the tabs.... very similar like Clash Royale, Splinterlands has total 7 tabs...

Shop Tab


After opening Splinterlands.com, at extreme left, you will see the Shop tab. This is the place where you can buy starter packs, booster packs (contains 5 cards, minimum 1 rare), potions (increase the chance to get legendary or gold foil cards), orbs (contains 5 promo cards, minimum 1 rare), gifts (buy, send or receive gift cards) and skins (buy and customize monsters and summoners skins).



Open Packs Tab


To the adjacent right of the Shop tab, you can see the Open tab. After buying or getting packs (untamed booster packs, Beta booster packs, alpha booster packs and Orbs), you have to open them in the Open tab. The mystic circle you can see in the picture is called mana well, you have to drag and drop your packs into it and the mana well will open it for you.


Market Tab


Market tab states at the immediate right of the open tab. This tab is the official splinterlands marketplace where you can buy or sell individual cards, any time. The card prices here depends upon the buyer-sellers and splinterlands has no control over it. FOr what price you want to list your card on market entirely depends upon you, on the other hand, it's onto the buyer to buy your card if he/she thinks it's a good price for him/her.
However, Splinterlands cuts 5% charge on every card that got sold via the official market. Other 3rd party markets present offer some cashback on purchasing Splinterlands cards from them. I use monstermarket.io which gives instant 3% cashback on buying cards and 2% cashback on purchasing packs if you use their market to buy.


Cards Collection Tab


On the right side of the market tab, there stats Cards tab. This tab shows your entire card collection including all of your beta, alpha, promo, reward and untamed cards. Also, each card type has a separate gold foil editions which are super rare and prices of these cards are also higher than the normal ones. You can use the drop-down buttons to trim down the list and can view cards falling under subcategories ( like only gold foil cards under earth element or untamed common neutral cards).


Battle Tab


Besides the Cards tab, there goes our main tab, the battle tab. In this tab, you play matches using your cards. There is a total of 3 types of matches.

Ranked Matches - Battle with opponents based on your trophy count. Aquire DEC (Dark Energy Crystals) per ranked match win and make more trophies to reach higher league for more loot chests and quest loot chests.

Practice Matches - Battle with opponents without the fear of losing trophies. Thou you will not gain DEC or fill quest meter while playing practice matches.

Challenge Matches - Challenge other splinterlands players. You can validate tier and card types in this mode. There is no DEC for challenge matches too.


Events (Tournament) Tab


Located at the right side of Battle tab, This tab contains all the tournaments listed by time. Not only from team splinterlands but also any person or community can create a tournament, which is a plus point I would say. I often see other communities or persons creating tournaments with good prizes to be won. In return, they may advertise about their community, products, services etc, which according to me is a win-win situation where everybody gains.

Tournaments are created based on tiers (diamond, gold etc) and sometimes depends on cards type too (only gold foil or alpha). Most of the tournaments are gold tiers or below, but the higher the tournament, the better the prize!


Guild Tab


Just at the right side of the Events tab, the Guild tab is for splinterlands groups. Here you can create or join guilds and enjoy various features. You can get up to 20% more DEC per match win and up to 10% cashback from the market when buying potions, orbs etc. Moreover, the guild has a chat option where you chat with other guild members and a Challenge option where you can send or accept challenges with other guild members and battle with them without losing your trophy count. I also heard about guild wars which will come soon, maybe after the Official Splinterlands update.




This tab will help you with the frequently asked question about splinterlands. This tab is very helpful for every splinterlands player, especially for newcomers. In here, you can also know details about any new update when they come.




Now, let us talk about the graphics of both the games here. First of all, Clash Royale is a 3D game whereas Splinterlands is a 2D game, so it will be unfair to compare both of them. But I will share my personal opinion here.

I play Clash Royale for a long time since the day it got launched. I have seen how Supercell is working with their blood and sweat to keep the game updated and clean. The characters in this game are 3D characters and to see them on the screen is fun! Moreover, the emojis in clash royale are gif like animations which gives it a dynamic look and draws more adrenaline from you.

On the other hand, Splinterlands characters are 2D drawing stuffed inside square shaped cards. The characters don't move here, instead, the whole card moves to attack opponent cards, which is a bit old class to me. Yet, I think the strategy-making in splinterlands are more complex than in Clash Royale.

If team Splinterands is thinking to bring out their characters in 3D in future, then it will blow the internet. The characters in Splinterlands are far more detailed than Clash Royale so it will be hard to update it overnight. My heart says Splinterlands will come in all 3D soon, but until then, we have to keep patience and wait for it.



Thou both Clash Royale and Splinterlands are card-based strategy games, the gameplay is very much different if you compare them together. Because the nature of the gameplay and the strategies is far different than a normal card-based game.

In the case of Splinterlands, the gameplay is simple to control. You have to choose a deck by obeying the matching rule and mana cap and that's it. After the match starts, you don't have to do anything but to sit and watch. Splinterlands is about making a better deck than your opponent in a limited time.

But, in the case of Clash Royale, you have to place your cards strategically. Every card's mana cost is limited between 1 to 10. Mana keeps generating every second and you have to save the mana and apply it to summon monsters in real-time to fight opponent monsters and to destroy their towers. If you place the wrong monster at the wrong place or loss your mana, it may lead you to lose the match. AS I said, playing Clash Royale for the first time can be messy ;)

In-Game Currency


So, we have come to the most important part of this post fellas. Because the in-game currency is the most important aspect while comparing both the games in here.

The game Clash Royale can win some other parameters over Splinterlands but when it comes to the IN-GAME CURRENCY factor, undoubtedly Splinterlands has snatched the crown.

Let me tell you why! Splinterlands runs on a blockchain and unlike any other normal games, playing Splinterlands can give you the currency that has actual value outside the game. DEC (Dark Energy Crystals) is the in-game tokens of Splinterlands which can be gained by winning ranked matches or by burning cards, also after the new update, you can get DEC from daily loot chests too. Now, you can sell your DEC at Steem-Engine marketplace and get steem tokens. Now it's upon you whether you sell them and collect FIAT money or invest them back to make your cards stronger.

On the other end, Clash royale may give us the gold coins and gems which can be used in the game to upgrade your cards or to purchase other in-game items but outside of this clash royale world, the coins or gems don't carry any value, they are just useless when it comes to monetary value. Playing Clash Royale is fun and enjoyable but that's it guys, whereas in Splinterlands you are not only playing a game for fun but also you are investing in a game which will give you decent return periodically over time.

I started playing splinterlands by investing only a couple of steem earned from my blogs and now I am close to 2500$ worth game cards. You can sell your cards anytime on the market and get most of your investment back, sometimes even more than what you have invested, which is depend on the market price.

I am a gamer from my early school days.. I have invested a major time of my life after playing a large number of games but I didn't earn a penny from them. So, after investing my time after Splinterlands, I can clearly say that's this game has the potential to break the procedural rule of gaming that gaming is only for time killing. No man, gaming can be your profession now, you can earn real money when you spend your time on SPlinterlands.

Forum and Connectivity outside the game


The publicity and fan following of a particular game not only depends on its internal parameters like UI and graphics, Gameplay, support and updates. Forums, groups and talks on different platforms outside the game is a crucial factor to increase the fanbase of a game. They spread out the news on different social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Discord, Instagram etc. and bring the traffic in from the outside world.

When it's about Clash Royale, they have worked hard on it. They have their fanbase producing awesome contents inside and outside of the Clash universe.

On the other hand, Splinterlands is not also far behind Clash Royale when it comes to propagandising their product. Splinterlands is always the hot tag for steem universe. At Steemit, splinterlands players write unique and awesome posts about splinterlands and share on this blogging platform. On video sharing platforms like 3speek, Dtube etc., we can view awesome videos on Splinterlands regarding gameplays, packs openings, tournaments and tutorials. NOt only users are sharing their experience and thoughts outside the blockchain. You can find a lot of groups, communities and contents on the social networks like youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on what not! Not only the team Splinterlands but also the active players share their contents on different social platforms and help to gain more traffic and new users. As I told above, I think Splinterlands is a great opportunity for gamers to earn from what they love doing...

My Opinion


I think Splinterlands is a rising project with numerous opportunities and a bright future. They are expanding and trying in every aspect to make the game better and more attractive. Since their launch, Splinterlands has evolved itself every day, thanks to tireless efforts of the developer team. As far as I know, team Splinterlands is currently working on the Official Splinterlands app which will soon get launched probably supporting both Apple and Android!! This will be a life turning movement and according to me, its popularity will go up at rocket speed.

I think that both games have something to learn from each other... Clash Royale may like the idea of Gold Foil cards from splinterlands and Splinterlands may examine the deck strategies and formations of Clash Royale universe?? Who knows ;)

I hope you guys like my post today... See you at my next post.

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If you like my post, please do leave a reply.

That's it for today! See you soon in my next post...


Great analysis dear! I love steemmonsters. I have become addicted to it. I don't take rest, Without completing daily quest.

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I dont take rest too until I finished my daily quest. Keep playing and increase your strength!

Thank you dear!

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Thank you @monster-market! 👍😊

Thanks for such an amazing Splinterlands post!

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This is exactly what I am looking for in a comparison piece. I LOVE how thorough you are. I'm not a 'mobile gamer'. I blame my age. 😉 But that game DOES look fun. And a lot of games look (and are) fun, but you're right, Splinterlands is taking 'fun' to the next level.

Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to write and format this. I wish I could give you more upvotes!

Wow! Thank you sooo much @carrieallen!! And of course your support is really a lot to me and much more than what I imagined. I ll try to write more interesting posts..


This is great. Voted and resteemed.

Thank you friend.. visit again soon! 😊👍