A little more of important things about your SPT in Stake!

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Hello Splinter Fans! I love talking about battles, but today I am back to complement my previous posts on this SPT theme that is very important for new players and users of HIVE Blockchain.


To start everything you must have your HIVE Keys and be familiar with the social network based on this blockchain that you can use and participate by accessing this site:


Ok, after giving Stake or receiving the SPT delegation in Stake on Hive Engine, setting up your FanBase (or following a Curation Trail) on Hive Vote, you can follow if everything is working by watching this site:


Replace my name with your account name and see if you are regularly voting for posts with content about the game.

In Hiveblocks you can track all your data and your actions on the blockchain.

Note that some of the notifications on HiveBlocks show "curation reward", this means the moment when rewards are dripping into your wallet...


In HiveBlocks it shows just how much HP (Hive Power) you are receiving as a curator, but your SPTs will likewise become at you at the same time.

You can also see how much SPT, SPT in Stake, and/or Delegate to you, you have by log in to this site:


Click on Wallet:


Your delegated SPT will appear here below SPT Power:


In my case I have a quantity of mine in Stake and another delegate, the delegated part is in brackets.

If you were one of the winners in my tournament, see if it appears 120k for you in brackets).

I hope these tips have helped. By voting for content you can start receiving passive HP and SPT income without much effort.

Another option is to start participating more actively in this social network through Peakd or Hive.Blog creating and publishing content about Splinterlands.

When creating content your earnings in HIVE, SPT, and other tokens can increase significantly.

In my next post in this series, I’ll talk more about how to do this. Coming soon. Stay tuned!

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Images: @splinterlands, Peakd, HiveBlocks, Splintertalk



Estou adorando esta série de posts informativos sobre SPT. Muito bom!!!