A quick tip: Win free cards in sweepstakes daily!

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Another tip that can help a lot of beginners is to participate in sweepstakes.


I started like that, even before I started playing Splinterlands, I already participated in many draws and won a good number of cards at the time.

I could point out to you several sweepstakes that are happening right now, including offering legendary cards and gold foil!

Instead, I’ll show you the way so you can fish for yourself:

Subscribe to the official game channel on Discord using this link:

Splinterlands Discord


Then look for the room # sl-giveaways-posts

So just click on the links to participate (read, follow the rules) and have the chance to win cards.

Well, you can say you're not lucky, but I don't believe, there are many draws and if you participate daily, I'm sure that sooner or later you will win!

In doing so, since the game was released, you would believe that I won more than 200 cards, just in sweepstakes, including a large number of Alpha cards.

If you have little money to invest this is another way to help you increase your card collection, with low investment.

Good luck!

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I used to participate but now i am just being lazy :P

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Yeah, it’s been a while that I don’t participate, now that I already have a large collection, I prefer to leave it to the new players, but before I was addicted to these sweepstakes. :D

Long since I entered those... but do organize a weekly one for the new players! 😄

I was doing sweepstakes, but I realized that I received less upvotes on these posts, maybe creating an account just for sweepstakes, I liked the idea, thanks

I just ignore the upvotes, and organize it anyway. Not that many people showing up, but hey: spreading the Splinterlands love! 😁

Very good tip. I did not even notice this tab in the discord. I'll pay more attention, I love sweepstakes

yes, many are very simple to participate and you lose little time, it is very worthwhile

parabens pelo post , pra mim que estou começando é de grande ajuda

sim muitos são bem simples de participar e você perde pouco tempo, vale a pena

Thanks for the tip! :D


I would also like to participate

Good luck!