Amazing Battles #16 – Surprising Endings

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Some battles surprise me.

It often happens that I watch the fight and at some point think:

I lost! And press the skip button...

But at this moment the image appears showing that I won!


The same happens the other way around, sometimes I think I'm going to win and I end up losing.

This is a fascinating aspect of the game, which would not exist if it were like chess, a little luck factor makes it all the more exciting.

Today I'm going to show you a battle like this.

Click on the image to watch the fight:

Note this moment when round 5 begins...

Everything indicates that there is no chance of salvation:


Here I was able to win first because my Ice Pixie is faster and attacked first, killing Medusa.

A single Medusa attack would have eliminated me.

Then I survived once again thanks to the divine shield from the new ruleset:

Holy Protection - All Monsters get the Divine Shield ability

Finally, I was lucky that the Pirate Archer missed an attack, again thanks to my Ice Pixie being more agile and possessing a Flying ability that increases her chance of dodging blows and arrows by 25%.

A surprising ending!

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Images: PixBay & @splinterlands



I love the Ice Pixie. If all she did was shatter, she'd still be a great card.

Yes, with only 2 mana, he almost always attacks first because of his great speed, removing the armor from the enemy tank. It is very useful. I love it too.